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      Our mission is to help people improve their homes with the world’s best 3D property data

      With a few smartphone photos you can get an interactive 3D model of any home.

      HOVER creates accurately-measured, customizable 3D models of homes from smartphone photos. Homeowners can visualize a project before they start, and pros save time and money while being more transparent and collaborative.


      Design tools for homeowners

      Select and see real products - roofing, siding, windows, and more - on a virtual 3D model of your home.

      Home improvement is a big deal - we take the guesswork out.


      Productivity tools for professionals

      Easier, more accurate measurements, automatic estimations, populated takeoffs, and direct ordering make your job easier.

      Get more done by working smarter, not harder.


      Collaboration at its best

      Homeowners and pros can use our tools together - virtually or in person - to select materials, build estimates, and sign proposals.

      Transparent collaboration builds trust and results in an honest, fair deal for all.


      Privacy matters

      Homeowners control access to their personal data at all times.

      Our values

      Guiding principles that inform not just what we do, but how we do it.

      Challenge the status quo. We are only as good as the questions we’re willing to ask, the debates we’re willing to have, the blind spots we’re willing to face. Our unique thinking results in unique products that are changing the world. So we follow our curiosity, explore multiple perspectives, and uncover unexpected opportunities. We challenge and question each other precisely because we respect each other—and because we believe in what we’re building together.
      Follow through, follow through, follow through. Here, we get things done. We move. We go knowing that we can learn and adapt along the way. We are in the business of uncharted terrain, and most of us here are doing things for the very first time. That’s by design. And yes, we think—but then we move. We don’t get bogged down by indecision or paralyzed by over-analysis. We let curiosity propel us into solutions for our customers. We have a bias towards action. We make things happen in the face of uncertainty.

      Rising tides lift all ships. Here, we serve. Our leaders serve their teams; our teams serve their team members; and we all serve our customers and the data they have entrusted us with. In this value, we remain humble and always remember that the person sitting to our right and the person sitting to our left is more important than we are. Our work is about empowerment and doing the right thing. We understand that it’s the good we create—not the credit we get—that truly makes us great.

      HOVER is headquartered in San Francisco, with an office in New York City and employees distributed across the US.


      Years of innovation


      App downloads


      HOVER Dogs


      We are proud to work with top investors across technology, insurance, and home improvement, including some that are also our customers.

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      Chosen by the names you trust in home protection and restoration

      HOVER is trusted by thousands of names from home improvement contractors, to materials manufacturers, distributors, and insurers.

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      HOVER uses the best 3D property data to help people improve their homes.

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