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      Faster 3D modeling, zero reconstruction

      Save time with HOVER’s ready-to-import 3D models rendered from to-the-inch remote measurements.

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      Measuring and reconstructing a home in modeling software like SketchUp can take hours. From a few home photos, HOVER builds a to-scale 3D model. Import the model into your modeling software, and design your client’s dream home with time to spare.


      Architects and designers use HOVER to:

      • Get accurate, to-the-inch measurements of the entire exterior of a home including siding, roofing, fascia and more
      • Export HOVER’s 3D model into various CAD file types (SKP, DWG, DXF) for use in modeling software (SketchUp, AutoCAD, etc.)
      • Save time and money during the schematic design stage
      Damien Schlitt photo
      We have been using Hover for a year now at BLDD. We really love it because it allows us to explore masterplan solutions or early design solutions right from the outset of a project due to the ease of creating existing conditions. We likely save an entire week of work, in the creation of those existing models - time that can be spent creating and refining the design solution to provide our clients more engaging design solutions.
      Damien SchlittSenior Architect, BLLD Architects

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