Hausch & Company has been a trusted partner in handling insurance claims since 1948. With a focus on providing the best possible service and profession [...]
Production managers across the country rely on HOVER’s comprehensive measurements to power their workflow and automate time-consuming tasks. Just ask DaB [...]
We’re excited to announce that HOVER has won a 2021 DEVIES Award in the VR/AR/MR/3D category.  The 2021 DEVIES Awards recognize excellence in developer [...]
We are all living life more virtually these days and your customers are no exception. They’ve adapted and now expect to do more from the comfort of their [...]
Last week, hundreds of customers joined us as Mike Gallaugher, an Account Executive at HOVER, presented a LIVE demo of new features in the Transform Plan. [...]
In part two of Dabella’s case study, we examine how their production team leveraged Transform. The result: an uptick in branches without a mirrored i [...]
Recently, we spoke with Dabella, one of our customers and a HOVER success story. We asked Dabella what changes they saw after implementing estimation, a fe [...]
Today, we are excited to announce that we are launching Transform, a suite of new features for contractors, to support their workflow from end to end. Supp [...]
The pandemic changed just about everything in our day-to-day, and unfortunately, many of our peers in our recruiting network have experienced lay-offs. Dur [...]
In partnership with SRS Distribution, we fired up Zoom and discussed how HOVER technology is helping contractors do their jobs better. Using HOVER technolo [...]
Ken Tolson, US President of Crawford US Claims Solutions, talks to us about why HOVER and Crawford are a perfect match and how COVID is changing the claims [...]
  Here at HOVER, our values, “Think. Do. Serve.” show up in everything we do. Those values also apply to the partners we work with. We are incredi [...]
Back in March, we wrote about our No-Touch Engagement tools that could help contractors get through the then-recently updated rules on social distancing. F [...]
This storm season, we’re seeing more contractors expanding their traditionally retail businesses to include restoration jobs.  As an exterior contractor [...]
Anne Benson and her husband decided to start Benson Property with the mission to provide an exceptional experience to homeowners suffering from storm damag [...]
A summary from our webinar, Navigating Storm Season with HOVER, originally presented on June 30, 2020. Industry leaders Jason Martin from Island Roofing an [...]
In addition to door-knocking, digital lead generation is a good way for contracting businesses to reach more customers after a storm. HOVER sat down with M [...]
Dear valued customer, Thanks for using HOVER, I highly appreciate your business. Recently, we’ve seen unprecedented demand for HOVER due to the combinati [...]
We see a lot of restoration contractors who are looking for ways to adapt and drive efficiencies during storm season. Here are our top tips to weather the [...]
A summary from the last webinar of our 3-part series, originally presented on June 3, 2020. Jim Ahlin from Roofer Marketers and Nathan Stump from HOVER dis [...]
To our valued customers, Thanks for your interest in HOVER. Recently, we’ve seen unprecedented demand for HOVER due to the combination of social distanci [...]
A summary from webinar 2 of our 3-part series. Originally presented on May 13, 2020, Adrian Calabrese and Clayton Pisani from HOVER discussed how leading c [...]
A summary of our Fireside Chat Webinar from April 22, 2020 with executives from Endeavor Exteriors and Homefix Custom Remodeling. They discussed how they a [...]
Just as 9/11 forever changed air travel, COVID-19 may forever change claims adjusting. Similarily, policyholder expectations will likely increase the deman [...]
Almost overnight, social distancing has become the new normal. Despite this, homeowners will need roofs repaired, siding and windows replaced, and homeowne [...]
HOVER measurements are known for being exceptionally comprehensive. What is less visible to the eye is how highly accurate those measurements are, which is [...]
Summer is the perfect time to beautify your home with lush landscaping and colorful blooms. This season, liven up your property and give it some warmth, pe [...]
From a coat or two of paint to a full-scale renovation project, we have plenty of exterior home makeover ideas to freshen up your home this season. Whether [...]
Ever since our founding in 2011, HOVER has felt like a very different kind of company. Yes, the technology we’re working on is an important part of that. [...]
HOVER Now provides a roof square estimate within minutes, allowing contractors to create a quote while still on site with a homeowner. SAN FRANCISCO, CA [...]
HOVER turns smartphone photos into an accurate 3D model of your home SAN FRANCISCO, January 29, 2018 — HOVER, the platform that generates accurate, i [...]
The LP® SmartSide® product line is now available on the HOVER platform, allowing contractors to show homeowners exactly what LP’s materials and col [...]
New features allow exterior contractors, insurance carriers and adjusters to be fully prepared with accurate measurements and to provide remote estimates. [...]