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How to Build Your Own She Shed

How to Build Your Own She Shed

Remember that cool hideout you had as a kid? Maybe it was a blanket fort, a treehouse, or a closet that doubled as a secret hiding spot. In any case, it was awesome—and it was all yours.

You were on to something good back then, and it’s time to bring it back. Enter the she shed, a space of your own where you can do whatever you want: enjoy a good book, splash paint across a canvas, or have friends pop in for drinks (but only if they know the secret password).

Sound like fun? We thought so! Here are seven steps to build your own she shed, starting now:

1. Claim your spot.

If you’ve already got a shed in the backyard, start there. Clean it out and spruce it up, and you’re on your way to the she shed of your dreams. If you don’t have a shed, you can find simple shed kits at a local hardware store or even order and have one installed from The Home Depot. And if you’re short on backyard space, no problem. A she shed doesn’t have to be a “shed,” per se. You can get creative, like this she shed designer did, when she converted an unused garage into a special hideaway of her own.

2. Pick your purpose.

Next, design your she shed around your interests. Looking for a spot to curl up with a good book? Furnish your she shed with cozy reading chairs or colorful floor pillows. Planning to use it as a writing studio? Stock up on paper, pens, tea, and that old-fashioned typewriter you use to channel your inner Hemingway. If your she shed is going to be an art studio, stock it with paints, canvases, and colorful art supplies. Whether you turn it into a hot chocolate hut or a yoga room, give your she shed a purpose and go from there.

3. Get creative with color.

There’s no one-size-fits-all she shed: each reflects its owners’ unique personality. To give your she shed some style, start with a splash of color. You may have stuck to traditional shades for your home, but a she shed is a great opportunity to try fun color combinations like pale green and melon, or pristine white with aquamarine trim. You can paint the interior interesting colors, plaster it with old book pages (like in this she shed), create a mural, or splash a bold color across the ceiling.

4. Add charming personal touches.

Whether it’s flowers spilling out of a window box or a wind chime blowing in the breeze, small touches can transform a she shed into a truly unique space and add some exterior charm. Consider adorning it with your favorite flowers, decorating it with interesting outdoor art, stringing up lantern lights, or adding your favorite antique and flea market finds.

5. Make it irresistible.

Give your she shed a welcoming vibe with billowy curtains, colorful flower pots, tiki torches, or an outdoor patio space like this one. The point is to create an atmosphere that you just can’t refuse: one that entices you to step inside each time you pass by.

6. Use what you have.

You don’t have to spend a lot to create the she shed of your dreams: part of the charm of she sheds is that there’s no one right way to design them. They should feel personal and even a little imperfect. That’s what makes them beautiful! Before you run out to the store, rummage around the house for interesting fabrics or scraps of material, unused furniture that can be diverted from storage, or random odds and ends that can fill your she shed and make it feel cozy and personal. For instance, you can plant flowers in your kids’ old wagon or bring a forgotten rug out of storage.

7. Make your she shed party-ready.

A she shed is just as good for solitude as it is for easy entertaining. If you know you’d like to use it as a hangout spot, invest in party essentials like a mini-fridge stocked with drinks or jars of nibbles to be passed around. Here’s some great inspiration: a she shed slash hot cocoa bar! Consider adding features like an outdoor fire pit to extend the fun and give people more places to gather.

We hope these tips will inspire you to create a she shed of your own, and maybe even spark a few ideas. Happy she shedding!

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