Case Study: Chattanooga Exteriors

francie 4/3/2015 Case Studies

We recently completed a case study with Chattanooga Exteriors, a leading exterior home improvement contractor in Tennessee. By adopting James Hardie Contractor’s Eye™ (powered by HOVER) in their day-to-day processes, we found they were able to save time, add professionalism and increase their close rate from 35 to 50 percent! Read below for more detail.


Operating in a highly competitive region, Chattanooga Exteriors VP of Sales and Marketing Jamie Breneman has turned to mobile technology to gain a competitive advantage and impress his growing customer base. Since using Contractor’s Eye, Chattanooga Exteriors – a James Hardie Contractor Alliance Program member – and its clients have benefitted in the following ways:

  • Time Saved On-Site Allows for More Completed Jobs. By trusting the accurate measurements generated by Contractor’s Eye, Chattanooga Exteriors saves 1-2 hours per job. In fact, HOVER is so accurate that Chattanooga Exteriors no longer takes their own measurements.
  • Third-Party Validation Puts Customers at Ease and Increases Close Rate. The accuracy and visual display of Contractor’s Eye measurements provide instant credibility to Chattanooga Exteriors personnel and has raised their close rate from 35 to 50 percent.

Jamie Breneman, VP of Sales and Marketing at Chattanooga Exteriors

“Contractor’s Eye solved a credibility problem we didn’t know we had. Not only does it allow me to get estimates back to my customers sooner, but its professional presentation and accurate measurements set our company apart while easing any concerns that may have previously existed in the customer’s mind.”

– Jamie Breneman (VP of Sales and Marketing, Chattanooga Exteriors)

Saving time and completing more jobs

Contractor’s Eye has completely altered the way Chattanooga Exteriors provides quotes to customers and has saved them 10-20 hours a week. Before using Contractor’s Eye, they’d meet with the customer, discuss needs, schedule another time to come back to measure and then get estimates back to a customer within a week. With Contractor’s Eye, they meet with customer, take photos the same day and provide an estimate the following day.

Increasing sales and customer engagement

In addition to shortening consulting time and allowing Chattanooga Exteriors to serve more customers, Contractor’s Eye offers third-party validation for all measurements and costs. Gone are the days of postponing re-measures due to weather conditions. With Contractor’s Eye, simply snapping a few photos eliminates the danger and hassle of taking physical measurements and eliminates the potential for human error.

This provides an added level of trust between the sales rep and homeowner and has resulted in more time spent discussing meaningful alterations and project details. Since turning to Contractor’s Eye’s accurate measurements, Chattanooga Exteriors has seen their close rate jump from 35 to 50 percent.

About Chattanooga Exteriors

Founded in 2013 as a specialty siding company, Chattanooga Exteriors has evolved into a full-service windows, siding, decking and roofing company servicing homes throughout the greater Chattanooga area.


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