Case Study: Craftsman’s Choice

francie 3/31/2016 Case Studies

We recently completed a case study with Craftsman’s Choice, a leading exterior home improvement contractor in Minnesota. Since adopting HOVER in their daily workflow, Craftsman’s Choice – already one of the biggest James Hardie remodelers – has completed more business than ever before. Read below for more detail.


Snow, sleet and blistering cold temperatures make the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota, a difficult and unforgiving climate for home remodelers. While winter will never be the busiest time of year for business, it is essential to maintain a steady stream of consultations. Craftsman’s Choice – a James Hardie Contractor Alliance Program member – began using HOVER’s James Hardie Contractor’s Eye™ app to remove human errors that tend to increase during winter’s harsh weather conditions, as snow, rain and ice may cause workers to rush and take erroneous measurements. Since switching to HOVER, Craftsman’s Choice has completed more business than ever before and was recently named the number one volume dealer in James Hardie’s Preferred Remodeler program. Contractor’s Eye has positively impacted the company’s business model in the following ways:

  • Increased accuracy means more jobs and enhanced professionalism. When humans err in measurement, projects become delayed due to extra trips to the job site and incorrect material orders. This added chaos costs money, looks unprofessional and means less jobs completed per year. By relying solely on Contractor’s Eye measurements, Craftsman’s Choice was able to push projects through production faster and eliminate wasted time spent tracking materials due to incorrect measurements.
  • An altered business model. A new sales process with a reliance on HOVER measurements means a more strategic approach and better teamwork among the Craftsman’s Choice team. Before Contractor’s Eye, Craftsman’s Choice noticed communication between salesmen, project managers and the rest of the team was not as strong as it could be. To bridge the communication divide, the company decided to make Contractor’s Eye a part of the sales process and use the measurements as an incentive for commissions. As part of this updated process, salesmen are required to upload Contractor’s Eye measurements into the company’s CRM software before receiving their initial commission check. By weaving Contractor’s Eye into the sales process and using it as an incentive for payment, Craftsman’s Choice has noticed better communication throughout the sales and installation process and quicker project completion.

Ben Juncker, Presidet at Craftsman's Choice Breneman

“When it’s 17 below, it’s a lot easier to take eight smartphone photos than measure an entire house. Contractor’s Eye saves time, sanity and completely eliminates any human error that may occur when working in difficult weather conditions. We were recently named the number one James Hardie dealer in the United States and HOVER definitely contributed to our success.”

– Ben Juncker (President, Craftsman’s Choice)

About Craftsman’s Choice

Craftsman’s Choice Inc. was formed in 1998 by two independent siding and window installers, Ben Juncker and Matt Enfield. They’ve established a reputation as a company that homeowners rely on to provide skilled installations using quality materials. Craftsman’s Choice Inc. is proud to stand solidly behind their workmanship and smooth remodeling experiences.


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