Case Study: K&B Home Remodelers

francie 4/8/2016 Case Studies

We recently completed a case study with K&B Home Remodelers, a leading exterior home improvement contractor based in New Jersey. An early adopter of HOVER technology, K&B has seen their business grow by more than 35% year over year, with one-third of new sales now completed exclusively online by using HOVER’s measurement and design tools remotely.


In an industry where trust can trump price in the purchasing process, K&B Home Remodelers General Manager Mike Damora relies on HOVER’s Contractor’s Eye technology to gain credibility and help build a consistent reputation for quality. Since they began using Contractor’s Eye, K&B Home Remodelers – a James Hardie Contractor Alliance Program member – has grown by more than 35 percent and experienced the following benefits:

  • Retention Since removing standard industry high-pressure sales tactics and relying instead on line-item pricing backed by Contractor’s Eye measurements, K&B’s customer retention rate was an unprecedented 100 percent in 2015. K&B attributes this figure directly to the Contractor’s Eye app streamlining the entire sales process.
  • Online Sales By utilizing Contractor’s Eye measurements remotely, K&B has been able to sell one-third of their jobs online, helping them focus on generating more sales by saving time and money on trips to distant job sites.
  • Referrals, Reviews and Repeat Business K&B’s new sales process has resulted in many referrals and positive reviews, most of which mention Contractor’s Eye technology. Customers appreciate that the remodeling process has been simplified by Contractor’s Eye, and the credibility provided by its measurements and professional display brings repeat business to K&B.


“Contractor’s Eye really revolutionized and completed the way we do business. It was the missing link that brought it all together for us.”

– Mike Damora (General Manager, K&B Home Remodelers)

100 Percent Retention Rate

While K&B’s close rate has remained the same, their retention rate has gone through the roof. By incorporating Contractor’s Eye into its everyday workflow, K&B has added credibility and was able to pivot to a new no-haggle sales process, resulting in fewer canceled jobs due to buyer’s remorse or the feeling of being taken advantage of by the company. Since using Contractor’s Eye, K&B has also been able to attract a new type of customer – millennials. This newest generation of homeowners is naturally wary of salespeople. They love the Contractor’s Eye app because it adds professionalism and trust to the sales process by providing a technological source of truth for measurements & estimates. This allows them to engage with home improvement professionals in a new way and eliminates the need to barter on price.

A New Sales Process

Contractor’s Eye technology saves time by eliminating traditional measurement steps from the renovation sales process. K&B uses this to differentiate themselves from their competitors in two ways: line-item pricing and remote sales. Line-item pricing with Contractor’s Eye measurements changes the conversation with the homeowner by building trust that there aren’t any ‘hidden costs.’ For remote consultations, homeowners snap photos of their own houses and share them directly to K&B for measurements & estimates, allowing K&B to often consult with them the same day, either electronically or in person.

Referrals and Reviews Separate K&B from Competitors

Reputation and referrals are the livelihood of any good home renewal business, and have always been a focus area for K&B. By adding integrity, trust, and accuracy to the sales & purchasing process, Contractor’s Eye technology has helped further improve this aspect of K&B’s business. The use of a high tech solution and new approaches like line-item pricing help their customers avoid the feeling like they were “taken” the first time around, and customers are eager to return to K&B for future projects.

About K&B Home Remodelers

K&B Home Remodelers are remodeling experts located in the Bernardsville, N.J., area. They offer choices from the most trusted brands in the industry so the homeowner can take pride in every detail of their structure.


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