Case Study: Timberland Exteriors

francie 4/26/2016 Case Studies

We recently completed a case study with Timberland Exteriors, a remodeling company that employs approximately 30 people in its four office locations. A James Hardie Contractor’s Eye™ (powered by HOVER) user since August 2015, Timberland Exteriors has saved time and money by reducing drive times, more clearly communicating with their installation crews and storing previous customers’ home measurements in the cloud.


Operating within a 50 mile radius of downtown St. Paul, Minn., with another location four hours away in Detroit Lakes, Minn., Timberland Exteriors spends thousands of dollars per year on gas driving to and from job sites. The residential remodeling company – a James Hardie Contractor Alliance Program member – began using Contractor’s Eye in August 2015, and has benefitted from the mobile technology in the following ways:

  • Saving Transportation Time and Money Timberland Exteriors’ project managers, sales representatives and construction teams can minimize drive time and save money during pre-construction meetings by using the accurate home measurements generated by Contractor’s Eye.
  • Faster Quotes to Customers
    Contractor’s Eye measurements can be filed away to help contractors remember the specific details from past jobs, thus improving the overall customer experience and closing more business with repeat customers.

Paul Trautmann, President at Timberland Exteriors

“What we really like about HOVER is how much time we save because our construction crews don’t have to waste time driving to and from the job site for meetings. With HOVER, our team can simply take a look at the measurements from the comfort of our office and get an idea of the scope of work before even beginning the job.”

– Paul Trautmann (President, Timberland Exteriors)

Boosting Productivity

Gone are the days of driving to and from a job site to obtain additional measurements for things like gutters, siding and window frames. Instead, employees at Timberland Exteriors rely on Contractor’s Eye for accurate measurements from the beginning of the sales process through installation.

With Contractor’s Eye, Timberland Exteriors is able to cut out drive times in order to maximize productivity and complete more jobs faster. Instead of packing up the truck and conducting a pre-construction meeting at the job site, the team uses each property’s Contractor’s Eye measurements in the Timberland Exteriors office to get a better understanding of the scope of work and which equipment will be needed before they even begin.

Improving the Customer Experience

Just because a project is complete doesn’t mean the Timberland Exteriors staff is finished using the Contractor’s Eye measurements. Timberland Exteriors’ sales representatives find the measurements especially helpful when closing business with repeat customers. When a previous customer calls with a potential job and the company already has measurements on file, it makes it very easy to quote the customer instantly. Additionally, the 3D properties included within the Contractor’s Eye package help jog a contractor’s memory and recall specifics from the jobsite.

About Timberland Exteriors

Founded in 2003 by owner Paul Trautmann, Timberland Exteriors specializes in residential construction, siding, window replacements and roofing. With a combined staff and crew of approximately 30 people, Timberland Exteriors currently operates out of four office locations in the Twin Cities and Detroit Lakes areas in Minnesota, western Wisconsin and now branching into North Dakota.


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