Case Study: Vanguard Home Designs

Patricia de Groot 5/9/2017 Case Studies

We recently spoke with Jim Hund, President at Vanguard Home Designs, a home improvement contractor based in Manhattan, Kansas and a HOVER user since June 2016. Vanguard Home Designs has been able to strengthen its outstanding customer service by using HOVER’s interactive 3D model with design features as shown in this Vinyl Siding Project in Manhattan KS. Thanks to HOVER, the company can stand out from their competitors and be more consultative towards its customers, resulting in deals closing faster.


Vanguard Home Designs puts the homeowner first throughout the entire sales and remodeling process. They aim to make a remodeling project as effortless as possible for their customers and ensure that homeowners receive exactly what they had in mind. HOVER has strengthened the company’s client-focused business model in the following ways:

  • Quick accurate estimates – Vanguard Home Designs can shave off more than two hours on measuring a property and creating an estimate thanks to HOVER’s accurate measurements. They can quickly provide an estimate to homeowners and get started on a project much faster.
  • Engaging customer experience – By showing different design options on HOVER’s 3D model, Vanguard Home Designs can make it easier for homeowners to decide what they want their house to look like. This improves the overall customer experience and homeowners are more confident in the end result and the work that will be delivered.


“I like how I can quickly take a few pictures, and receive precise measurements and an interactive 3D model in return. With HOVER’s measurements, I can create a proposal in less than an hour. This process used to take almost three times longer when we used to hand measure. Also, homeowners are very impressed when we show them their house as a 3D model. They love discovering new colors and materials, and seeing what their home could look like.”

– Jim Hund (President, Vanguard Home Designs)

Faster Measurements and Quotes

Gone are the days of plugging through mud to measure a house on a rainy day. Rain or shine, Vanguard Home Designs relies on HOVER to receive all the measurements for their siding jobs. Typically, it would take around 3 hours to measure a house but now the company only spends a few minutes taking photos of a property with HOVER. Thanks to HOVER’s comprehensive measurements, Vanguard Home Designs can create an accurate estimate in less than an hour. In addition to delivering quotes quicker, they also feel more confident than ever that the estimates are correct, ensuring that they will not lose any profit due to human error or imprecise measurements.

Establishing Trust with the Homeowner

A house is one of the biggest assets people own throughout their life, so inevitably remodeling projects can leave homeowners in distress. HOVER’s 3D model allows Vanguard Home Designs to collaboratively discover which materials and colors fit the homeowner’s individual needs, eliminating any doubts about the desired end result. “Homeowners love to experiment with HOVER’s design features. It simplifies the decision making process and helps us differentiate from our competition. They get so excited, that they want us to start as soon as possible,” explained Jim Hund.

About Vanguard Home Designs

Vanguard Home Designs is a home improvement contractor located in Manhattan, Kansas, offering siding, windows, doors, decks and other home remodeling projects. Vanguard Home Designs is known for their client-focused approach, providing exceptional value in product, craftsmanship and outstanding customer service.

Patricia de Groot
Patricia is a Product Marketing Manager at HOVER. She has worked on communications strategies for technology startups around the world.

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