How Exterior Contractors Can Benefit From Modern Technology

5/16/2017 Exterior Contractors

As an exterior contractor you are dealing with a workforce who is almost constantly in motion. Also, you are likely more effective when in the field and on the jobsite, not tethered to a desk. Fortunately, modern technology, mobile apps, and cloud-based systems have become convenient and useful tools to keep projects and your business running smoothly.

A survey conducted by Texas A&M asked construction professionals about their technology usage in the field. 72% of respondents use smartphones while at work, 53.9% use laptops, and 50.1% use tablets. Mobile apps were also found to be gaining popularity. 51.4% of contractors use apps for field data collection. Between 23% and 46% use apps for project management, invitations to bid, building information modeling (BIM), estimating, accounting, or customer relationship management (CRM).

Technology designed for professional contractors continues to grow and advance. Additionally, more and more contractors are starting to incorporate different kinds of applications in their business. This rising demand will also be the reason behind new software innovations in the coming years. It is increasingly important that you educate yourself about these changes and determine which innovations are best for your company. Those contractors who take advantage of the right options and use it wisely will reap the benefits.

Saving Time

We all know the saying that time is money. That is no less true in the world of exterior contracting. Let’s stop and think for a moment. Over the course of your career, how much time have you spent measuring a project or wasted re-measuring? How about making multiple visits to a jobsite? Does that time total minutes? Hours? Days? It starts to add up quickly.

The good news is that technology can help. You can now take advantage of platforms that reduce the amount of time you spend on-site measuring a home, minimize human errors, and eliminate the need to re-measure. The end result is more efficient use of your time. HOVER is an example of a platform designed with those benefits in mind. Users take a few photos of a house on their smartphone using the app. Those photos are then uploaded to the cloud, where they are transformed to accurate measurements of the home exterior including square footage and lineal measurements for siding, roofing, windows, trim and soffit. The measurements are accurate to quote any job and order material, helping contractors shave an average of 2 hours off their current processes.

Saving Money

Contractors can also take advantage of technology to save money and increase profit. Any technology which makes your team and their labor more efficient will make your company more profitable. How exactly can technology help? Eliminating unnecessary trips back to the jobsite. Reducing the number of redundant phone calls, conference calls, or in-person meetings. Empowering your team with information at their fingertips to make better decisions. Improving the communication between the customers, your field team, the office, and management. Simplifying the communication between subcontractors and suppliers to keep the project on schedule. Anything that can be done to improve communication, visibility, and transparency among all team members has the potential to increase profit margins.

Consider also that technology can curb profit loss by helping you order the right amount of materials. When you have more accurate measurements of a home’s exterior, you can be more confident in ordering the right amount. Accuracy in ordering means a reduction in re-ordering and even a reduction in change orders.

Gaining a Competitive Edge

With technology you can also set yourself apart from the competition and establish instant credibility with potential clients. If you are utilizing cutting edge technology that helps you better explain the project and clearly present the end results to a homeowner, you have a real advantage over other contractors.

Using a platform like HOVER allows you to show off an interactive 3D model of a home to its owner. You can explain clearly where your measurements are coming from and why the project will cost a certain amount. You can also deliver a world class service by helping the homeowner discover new roofing and siding products as well as new paint colors. Homeowners can see for themselves what their home would look like at the end of the project. They normally need to work with an architect who can build a model of their house and show them the desired end result. Chances are the homeowner will not only be impressed with your access to this innovative technology, but they will also feel more comfortable with choosing you as the professional to complete the project.

Winning More Business

Along with a competitive edge, technology can help you win more business. You can present a clean, organized, modern proposal to potential clients. Do you think that a homeowner would feel better choosing a contractor who can show them how their house will look on an iPad in a colorful 3D rendering or on a clipboard in a hastily drawn sketch? More than likely it is the former option that will win the bid.

The size of a particular job can also increase by using the right technology. For example, you may have a homeowner looking to replace their roof. By using a technology like HOVER, you can use an interactive 3D model to show them how their house would look with a fresh coat of paint or new siding. When the client can clearly see those changes, it may just sell them on adding more services or using premium products.

Imagine the Possibilities

For exterior contractors to remain competitive and vital in the modern world, they need the best technology solutions available. Technology that will help them save time and money, gain an edge over their competition, and close more business. The HOVER platform may be a good fit for those needs. With accurate exterior measurements and a customizable 3D model HOVER is a powerful platform to add to your business.

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