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7 Exterior Home Makeover Ideas for Every Budget

From a coat or two of paint to a full-scale renovation project, we have plenty of exterior home makeover ideas to freshen up your home this season. Whether you’re looking for a splash of color or a more custom appearance, read on for ideas and inspiration.

#1. Give your home a new look with color.

Start your exterior home makeover with color. You can refresh your home’s appearance simply by painting it a beautiful new hue. Think about repainting the siding, giving the trim a crisp new coat, or applying a contrasting color to the shutters. A clean coat of paint has the power to instantly change the look of your home.

#2. Update your front entry.

You can add a portico or pediment, remodel the front stoop (or create one), build out a new door and sidelights, or add pedestals capped with planters of cascading flowers. If you have a front porch, you can update the wood railings and columns or add decorative beams. If you don’t, you could consider adding a terrace that sweeps across the front of the house. Don’t overlook details like the path leading to your front door: can you widen it, add landscaping, or upgrade the material for a more polished look?

#3. Upgrade your home with premium materials.

If you want to upgrade your home’s look but don’t know where to start, consider replacing what you already have with more high-end materials. For instance: replace concrete steps with an upgraded choice like blue slate; change out vinyl siding for hardwood; replace asphalt roof shingles with tile or cedar shake; or transform windows, doors, and even garage openings with upgraded, energy-efficient, or architecturally interesting materials.

#4. Reimagine your home’s architecture.

To really transform the look of your home, you can go with an exterior home makeover that alters its very structure. For example, you might add dormers, build out a stacked stone fireplace, add or remove shutters, add or enlarge windows, opt for an upper-level addition, create new rooflines, or build a gabled porch.

#5. Freshen up your landscaping.

It’s simple to tame overgrown landscaping, trim runaway shrubs, and prune dried plants, and beautiful landscaping should be a part of any exterior home makeover. Besides trimming and grooming what’s already there, think about what you may want to add. Could fresh planters, flower boxes, and flower beds create color and texture? Could hanging baskets or a front-door wreath make your home stand out? Would a fence or stone retaining wall add character and charm?

#6. Play with the details.

Maybe you don’t want to invest in a major exterior home makeover, but you still want to help your property shine. If that’s the case, consider the little details that often go overlooked. Could you add a small cutout design to the shutters? Replace gutters and downspouts with a higher-quality choice, like copper? Add details like dentil molding for a touch of grace? What about updating your outdoor lights, changing out your address sign, or upgrading the mailbox? There are countless ways to do an exterior home makeover, but sometimes the smallest updates can be unexpectedly rewarding.

#7. Invest in the gathering spots.

The best exterior home makeovers reflect the life you want to be living—and if that means being outdoors more often, this one’s for you. Whether you love to grill out on a warm summer night or gather with friends on the porch, invest in building out spaces that let you do that. Small budget? Just add a few benches or rocking chairs and you’ve got an instant outdoor area. Want to go bigger? Build a pergola, expand your front porch, or enhance the back deck.

We hope these exterior home makeover ideas help you imagine what’s possible! Which will you try first?

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