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Patricia de Groot 4/18/2017 Product Updates

We believe that the best route to improvement is through addressing customers’ ongoing challenges. Currently contractors, insurance carriers and adjusters worldwide have to send someone on-site to manually measure a property – before they can sell a project or provide an estimate. Living in an age where technology is omnipresent, we were convinced that this process can be more efficient.

Simply by involving the homeowner from the start, a claims process can be speeded up and an exterior project can be kicked off quicker. So, today we’re excited to launch HOVER Connect. A feature that allows contractors or carriers to invite a homeowner to take a couple of photos of their house with our app, so they can receive all the key information and measurements they need remotely.

Let’s take a closer look at how HOVER Connect dramatically improves the way business is done today and its benefits to the homeowners.

Contractors can scale their business

By inviting a homeowner to download the HOVER app, contractors can easily qualify and engage their leads. The ones that download the app and take pictures are hot… others maybe not. Once the homeowner submits the pictures of their home and they are processed, the contractor will receive the fully measured, customizable 3D model of the property. That way, they can provide an estimate remotely or be fully prepared with all the information they need prior to their visit.

Homeowners can visualize their project

Deciding on the looks of an exterior remodeling project can be an emotional and difficult process. Up until now, a homeowner would have to pay an expensive architect or designer to create a 3D model of their house to layout different design options. Thanks to HOVER Connect, homeowners just need to submit a few photos of their home to receive a customizable 3D model. The homeowner can then use HOVER’s design features to experiment and discover a new look for their house and show the contractor the end result that they aspire.

Insurance providers can desk adjust more claims

By allowing homeowners to capture photos of their home, insurance carriers and adjusters can easily receive the most up-to-date property photos and measurements without leaving their office. They can create accurate estimates and desk adjust a higher number of claims in less time. Speeding up the claims process also positively impacts the homeowner and their contractor, who can start a project quicker.

It’s evident that we are very excited about this feature, and we hope you are too. Try it out today and please let us know what you think.

Patricia de Groot
Patricia is a Product Marketing Manager at HOVER. She has worked on communications strategies for technology startups around the world.

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