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HOVER Now – Roof Squares in Minutes

For contractors to be successful, it is key that they consistently deliver outstanding work. But it doesn’t stop there – it’s the contractors who can quickly deliver excellent service who beat their competitors to the punch. The reason is evident: the sooner the construction work can start and finish, the sooner homeowners can return to their normal lives.

Whether a roof needs to be urgently fixed after a storm or requires routine maintenance ahead of the winter, time is of the essence to the homeowner. Inevitably, contractors who can quickly provide a quote to the homeowner, have a higher chance of winning the job.

This is why we’re launching HOVER Now – our newest feature that provides a roof square estimate within 30 minutes of submitting photos of a property with the HOVER app. That way, you can provide a quote to the homeowner while still onsite.

Here is a glimpse into how HOVER Now gives you an edge and helps you win deals faster:


Provide a Quote – FAST!

The quicker you can provide a quote, the higher the likelihood that you’ll win the job. But, providing a fast quote is no walk in the park. Measuring a roof is time-consuming and your measurements are prone to human error when you’re in a rush. While speed is crucial, it’s equally important that you don’t underestimate the price of the job as it will diminish your profit margins. Alternatively, you don’t want to overestimate the roofing job and risk pricing yourself out of the sale altogether. By using HOVER Now, you can double-check your numbers based on the roof square estimate and give the homeowner a quote that safeguards your profit margins while still onsite.

“HOVER Now’s quick turnaround time is impressive. On average, we are receiving the roof square estimates within 10 minutes. And the estimates are highly accurate. Thanks to this feature, we can now double check our quote on the spot and close the deal. It’s a game changer for our business.” (Carl Holt, General Manager – STL Branch at Erie Construction)

Close Deals on the Spot

HOVER Now saves you a lot of time as you no longer have to measure every detail of the house before you can provide the homeowner with a quote. Instead, you can allocate the time saved on measuring the property to building a robust relationship with the homeowner. Provide superior customer service by walking the homeowner through your process and addressing all their questions and concerns. This in combination with the quick quote will significantly increase your shot at closing the job on the spot.

Create an Efficient Workflow

After you win the job, you can easily upgrade your HOVER Now to receive an interactive 3D model and all the detailed measurements for either the roof or the entire exterior of the house. With the interactive 3D model, you can engage the homeowner by showing them what the end result will look like. On top of that, the 3D model and detailed measurements allow you to order the right amount of material, sync with your installation crew and adequately prepare for the project at hand. This way, you’ll be able to start and finish the project quicker, leaving the homeowner impressed with your speed and professionalism.

Try HOVER Now today and let us know your thoughts!

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