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Patricia de Groot 4/18/2017 Product Updates

Canvassing brings in a substantial amount of leads for many contractors. However, if you’re a contractor who works with a team in the field, you know how difficult it can be to turn these leads into actual appointments and ultimately customers.

Today we are launching HOVER Prospect – our solution to help organizations working with field teams or canvassers to generate leads win more deals. With HOVER Prospect, contractors can review and approve photos coming in from the field before processing them to a fully measured, customizable 3D model. This new feature allows organizations to only process the photos for the leads that actually sit for an appointment.

HOVER Prospect helps any organization using a field team to generate leads – no matter how big or small – work more effectively. Let’s take a look at how you can use HOVER Prospect to provide a better sales experience to the homeowner while remaining in control:

Stay In Control

As you already know, leads generated by teams in the field are not always qualified and often don’t result in an appointment. With HOVER Prospect, decision-makers can maintain control over the sales process. They can have their team capture an unlimited number of photos without losing any money on the opportunities that don’t pan out.

Ensure Readiness

Typically contractors capture a few rough measurements once on-site, often scribbled on a piece of paper, before discussing the project with the homeowner. Thanks to HOVER Prospect, contractors can have all the exterior measurements of a home along with an interactive 3D model prior to their meeting. This allows them to confidently approach the sales opportunity, offer an accurate quote and successfully defend their profit margins.

Keep Homeowners Engaged

Using HOVER’s design features, contractors can also show the homeowner what their exterior remodeling project could look like. Homeowners can discover and visualize new options like different siding, a new kind of shingle or a fresh coat of paint within seconds. No doubt, you’ll stand out from your competition.

HOVER Prospect is now available in our new Professional plan. You can try it out for free today – your first property is on us!

Patricia de Groot
Patricia is a Product Marketing Manager at HOVER. She has worked on communications strategies for technology startups around the world.

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