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Inside HOVER: How a Hiring Slowdown Broadened Our Recruiting Skill Set

The pandemic changed just about everything in our day-to-day, and unfortunately, many of our peers in our recruiting network have experienced lay-offs. During this difficult time, HOVER leadership made the decision to redistribute our recruiting workforce across functions. This decision allowed us to fill operational gaps within HOVER, learn more about the business, develop new skills, and form more well-rounded relationships with our business partners. These are a few stories from this exciting yet unexpected time.

Emily, Recruiting Operations Lead

Emily is our Recruiting Operations Lead. She lent a hand to the Customer Success team, where she was able to apply her coordination and process efficiency skills. She facilitated syncs with channel partners, project managed customer product pilots, and collateral for our GTM strategy.

Maija, Business Recruiter

Another team member, Maija, is one of our Business Recruiters. She was assigned to split time across teams that she had spent the previous year building, most notably the Enterprise Sales team, which serves our largest insurance customers. Maija pulled weekly reports for major carriers, provided product guidance, and supported the ad-hoc needs of the team. In carrying out these tasks, she allowed the Account Managers to focus on new customers who turned to HOVER as a remote tool to maintain business. Maija developed a deeper understanding of the roles she is usually hiring for and honed her skills and understanding, which will help her as she communicates with potential leads.

Shellea, Technical Recruiter

Our Technical Recruiter, Shellea, spent her time on the frontlines with the Customer Support team, taking calls and answering emails. In this role, she was able to gain a better understanding of our customers, our products, and the way several teams work cross-functionally to deliver Engineering and Product excellence. Now as Shellea is tasked with hiring engineers, product managers, and designers she’ll have first-hand knowledge of what they’ll build and the impact it’ll have on the lives of our customers.

As summer came to a close, so did the Recruiting team’s time assisting other functions. Reflecting on this period, we find ourselves grateful for the experience to not only help other teams but also apply the knowledge we gained to enhance our recruiting capabilities. We can better speak to the challenges a Sales team faces when pitching to potential clients or the problem solving that goes into coaching a customer through a support call. We also brushed up on our Excel skills, closed countless support tickets, and thoroughly enjoyed working with teams and colleagues we do not normally interact with through our daily recruiting activities.

With a restored sense of empathy and gratitude, we’re excited to get back to what we’re best at: the thrill of signed offer letters and the rewards of watching new hires become passionate HOVER-ites.

If you’re open to exploring new opportunities and interested in speaking with a Business Recruiter who now knows the ins and outs of Account Management or a Technical Recruiter who can speak to our app’s technical merits and integrations, see our open roles.

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