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10 DIY Landscaping Ideas Just in Time for Summer

10 DIY Landscaping Ideas Just in Time for Summer

Summer is the perfect time to beautify your home with lush landscaping and colorful blooms. This season, liven up your property and give it some warmth, personality, and charm with these 10 landscaping ideas:

#1. Bring beauty to your front door.

Create a warm welcome with flowers that adorn the entryway or drape romantically from window boxes and door frames. Opt for cheerful petunias, billowy snapdragons, or a rose variety that meanders up trellises, patios or railings for an enchanting effect. Though this is one of the simplest landscaping ideas to try, it can also have the biggest visual impact!

#2. Transform your walkway with aromatic herbs.

Here’s another of our favorite landscaping ideas. Plant fragrant lavender or rosemary bushes to lead visitors along the walkway and up the front steps, softening the hard edges of the pavement and creating a pleasant pathway to your front door.

#3. Garland your home with trailing vines.

Plant trailing vines across your fence, trellis, or portico. Let the tendrils curl and wind their way across your home to create a living curtain of green. Try planting a flowering vine variety, like clematis, for its delicate blossoms. (Just note that some varieties are better planted in fall or spring, when the weather is cooler.)

#4. Grow a natural fence.

Looking for landscaping ideas that also create a sense of privacy? Plant a natural border with hedges like boxwood, trimmed to accentuate your home’s style with a rounded or squared-off finish. If you already have a fence, beautify it with bushes or a profusion of flowers in different colors, heights, and textures.

#5. Cultivate a kitchen garden.

Transform a sunny spot into a thriving kitchen garden. You can plant a variety of herbs like basil, parsley, cilantro, and chives in a raised garden bed. You could also grow vegetables that don’t mind small spaces, like tomatoes, lettuce, radishes, and chard. This is one of the most practical (and delicious!) landscaping ideas to try.

#6. Plant a moon garden.

Beautify a back patio or front porch—or anywhere you like to gather in the evening—with a moon garden that blooms at night. Good choices include climbing moonflower, which blossoms at dusk, as well as angel’s trumpet, pale evening primrose, night blooming jasmine, and the marvel of Peru.

#7. Create summer ambiance with lighting.

Illuminate your yard, patio, or garden with hanging lanterns, strings of outdoor bistro lights, and pathway lighting. Don’t limit your landscaping ideas to plants alone: features like light and water can have a big impact.

#8. Install a special water feature.

Just like greenery and stonework, water can transform your home’s landscape into something special and serene. Install a small water feature, like a bird bath or a burbling fountain, or try a larger-scale project like a waterfall wall or outdoor pond.

#9. Add visual interest with stonework.

Boulders, river rocks, and pebbles can add extra texture and variety to flower beds, and brick or stone edging can be used to accentuate plant beds, shrubs, and trees. You’d be amazed at how many genius landscaping ideas incorporate rock and stone.

#10. Design an inviting outdoor space.

Liven up an existing porch or patio with planters full of flowers, colorful pillows and rugs, and outdoor lighting. Or section off a part of your yard with boxwood hedges, roses, or raised planters; lay gravel or stonework; and add chairs and a table for a cozy hang-out spot. If you’re feeling ambitious, build a beautiful garden arbor or pergola, complete with trailing vines or billowy curtains for shade. As a final touch, plant flowers like marigolds, lavender, basil, and chrysanthemums to keep mosquitoes away.

These landscaping ideas are a rewarding way to transform how your home looks and how you feel when you are there. Enjoy the summer season with a landscaped oasis: which of our landscaping ideas will you try first?

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