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Partner Spotlight: Crawford & Company

Here at HOVER, our values, “Think. Do. Serve.” show up in everything we do. Those values also apply to the partners we work with. We are incredibly proud of our partner network because it allows us to expand our reach and serve even more people. This includes contractors, insurance professionals, and homeowners.

Today, we’re putting the spotlight on Crawford & Company. Crawford & Company is the world’s largest independent provider of claims management and outsourcing solutions. They serve insurance companies and self‐insured entities in more than 70 countries.

With a little help from HOVER, Crawford & Company is achieving even more efficiency and transparency, transforming the insurance industry with their leadership in the space.

[HOVER’s] innovative technology provides the flexibility we need to serve our clients across a variety of workflows, from existing to virtual and self-service, with highly accurate and complete property data.

Ken Tolson

U.S. President, Crawford Claim Solutions.

First off, our partnership with Crawford & Company will help reduce claim cycle times and provide better data-sets back to their carrier partners. Second, and more importantly, it will mean is providing a superior experience to the policyholder. Read more about our partnership in the press release on Crawford & Company’s website.

To learn more about partnering with HOVER, please visit our website.

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