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      Document everything

      Checklists for any project

      Create a checklist with photos and notes for anything you want to capture, from inspections to liability, punchlists, team hand-offs, and more.

      Find commonly used checklists or create your own templates


      Create your own Checklists

      Photos, annotations, notes, and more to create custom Checklists for any construction project.


      Quick notes and photos

      Quickly save all of your notes and photos in a simple, ready-to-use Checklist template.

      Roofing inspection Checklist

      Find templates for roofing, decking, skylights, ventilation, flashing, and more.

      Siding inspection Checklist

      Create custom Checklists and templates for siding, trim, soffit, fascia, shutters, and other exterior siding jobs.

      Window inspection Checklist

      Seamlessly check windows, sills, screens, framing, damage, and more with custom or pre-made templates.


      Gutter inspection Checklist

      Easily inspect gutters, covers, fascia, downspouts, material, and more.

      “I love Checklists. I’m using it on every job for documentation so it’s all in one place.”

      Capture anything (and everything)

      • Store unlimited photos
      • Annotate photos for additional context
      • Take quick or detailed notes
      • Toggle yes and no with a tap

      Consistency on every job

      • Never miss a detail or line item
      • Unlimited templates for the whole team
      • Fast and simple to fill out
      • Export Checklists to PDF and share

      Calm the chaos

      • No more hunting for photos in your camera roll
      • No more filling up phone storage 
      • No more translating handwritten notes
      • No more missing crucial project information

      Checklists are free

      Create Checklists for any job, regardless of whether you order measurements or not—it’s on us.

      Checklists for everything

      Perform interior and exterior home inspections
      Prevent liability
      Support detailed construction takeoffs
      Create and manage punchlists
      Provide context to installers
      Ensure SOPs are followed with templated Checklists
      Boost sales with customer transparency
      Create smooth hand-offs to production

      Checklists resources

      Get organized today

      All the project information you need, on every project, every time. It’s free to use.


      Are Hover Checklists really free?
      Yes. For now, you can create unlimited templates and Checklists completely for free.
      Do I have to order measurements to use Hover Checklists?
      No. Checklists can be used as a stand alone or in combination with any other Hover product and feature.
      Can I create my own Checklist template?
      Yes. The admins on an account can customize existing templates and create completely new ones. Each template is accessible to everyone in your org to use.
      Can I add multiple Checklists to one project?
      Yes. You can add as many Checklists as you’d like to a single project. For example, you can fill out an inspection Checklists for Roofing and Siding for the same project, and even add a liability checklist while you’re at it.
      What can I include in my Checklists?
      Hover Checklists allow you to add photos and photo annotations, toggles for yes/no questions, and text fields for notes on anything.

      Your first job is free

      HOVER makes home improvement simpler, faster and more collaborative for homeowners and pros.


      We’ll text you a link to download our app. The 1-week free trial is only applicable to construction professionals who have not signed up for HOVER previously.