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      Gouge Quality Roofing

      Lancaster, OH

      Gouge Quality Roofing Expanded its Services and Won New Business by Sweating the Small Stuff


      For Gouge Quality Roofing, putting homeowners’ needs first is non-negotiable. Even their company motto, “We Serve People” makes it clear from the start what its customers can expect. Living up to these values has been a key to success for the Lancaster, Ohio-based contractor.


      Service and Sales go Hand-in-Hand

      In the last few years, Gouge Quality Roofing has gone from a local roofing company to a multimillion-dollar business providing roofing and siding installation services within a 75-minute driving radius. They’ve now got their sights set on conquering the rest of the Buckeye State.

      Gouge Quality Roofing’s attention to detail has always been a critical factor to its success. The pride they take in their work is obvious, and sometimes can be seen in unexpected ways. Net lines are typically installed at the start of a roofing project to catch falling debris and keep the site clean. They usually remain in place throughout the project’s duration, which some homeowners consider an eyesore. Caleb says his install teams remove the netting at the end of each day.

      This may seem like a small thing, and it is, but it’s paying attention to these details that has helped Gouge Quality Roofing build upon its reputation of providing the very best customer service.

      People are spending a lot of money on their roof. So we’re focused on providing customers the best experience and product.
      Caleb G., Gouge Quality Roofing, Lancaster, OH

      Optimized Efficiency Unlocked a New Revenue Stream

      When getting the company off the ground, Caleb encountered similar speedbumps felt by so many other business owners. He found himself bogged down in an endless stream of administrative details that were holding him back from managing the company at a higher level.

      “Early on, I held all of the business metrics in my head, which is not a way to scale a business,” Caleb concedes.

      Determined to break through this plateau, Caleb began using HOVER to make the company’s roofing sales process more efficient. This allowed sales reps, or “roofing consultants”, to use the company’s term, to spend more time with customers and less time up on ladders.

      This increased facetime helped the company establish stronger customer relationships. The time they saved avoiding hand-measuring and re-measuring during the estimating process paved the way for them to open up an entirely new revenue stream.

      In 2021, Gouge Quality Roofing added siding installation to its service offerings, which has already proven a lucrative venture for the company’s sales team.

      “Each of our reps now sells $1.5-$2 million each year. If they did it the old school way, we wouldn’t sell anywhere near that because we wouldn’t have the time,” Caleb says.


      Try the suite of tools Gouge uses to earn the trust of customers.

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