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      Peninsula Siding Company

      San Mateo, CA


      A Measure of Success:
      Peninsula Siding Company Puts Customer Relationships First


      San Mateo, California-based Peninsula Siding Company has been helping clients protect and beautify their homes in and around the Bay Area with high-quality siding solutions since 2012.

      “Siding is something that you need, but you don’t think you need it. It’s not a kitchen or a bathroom. You don’t get to play with siding. So I need to get you excited about siding”, says Peninsula’s operator Pete Campanile.


      Time Spent Measuring is Time Away From Generating More Business

      A former painter and laborer, Campanile is no stranger to rolling up his sleeves and getting to work. Before discovering HOVER, Campanile spent hours each week looking over blueprints, walking houses, and meticulously hand-measuring exteriors to calculate materials orders. He lamented the fact that it kept him out in the field instead of at the office.

      “You need to do everything you can to combat that and win the jobs you need in order to stay alive as a business.”

      With offices in Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado, Sprague does a lot of business with customers managing storm damage. The end-to-end service they offer includes navigating insurance claims, which can be a huge relief for stressed-out property owners.

      The more time I spend in the office, the more money I’m making. Using HOVER puts me back in the office creating proposals quicker, generating business, and figuring out ways to create more business.
      Pete C., Peninsula Siding Company, San Mateo, CA

      See first-hand how Pete builds relationships with his customers.

      Hover has changed my world.
      Pete C., Peninsula Siding Company, San Mateo, CA

      Giving Customers a Whole New View of Their Project

      A big part of relationship building comes from the shared excitement of seeing design ideas come together on the screen. Campanile relies heavily on HOVER’s 3D modeling tool, which quickly generates highly customizable digital models of homes using just a handful of photos.

      “To be able to use HOVER’s 3D modeling tool to present to my clients what their home will look like is everything” says Campanile. “As soon as I walk into a job, I’m already collecting a vision in my head, but I need to explain that vision.”

      “We still want to be in front of the clients, we don’t want to be this machine. This is retail. So, as HOVER makes my work so much easier, I’m able to crank up the charm and talk to my clients,” he says.


      Failure rate for measurements using HOVER

      0 hours

      Time it took Peninsula to measure a typical house for siding before HOVER

      0 Minutes

      Time it takes Peninsula to measure a typical house with HOVER

      There’s no room for errors. You make mistakes in the siding business, you hang siding for free.
      Pete C., Peninsula Siding Company, San Mateo, CA

      Make the Most of Your Time So You Can Get Back To Doing What You Love

      Busy contractors have to account for every hour of their workday, so any time savings they achieve can directly impact revenue. Since adopting HOVER, Campanile has been able to spend less time in the measuring phase and more time building customer relationships.

      “Last week I measured 12 houses. That would be 24 hours by the time I go there and take the measurements. Now, I’m 20 minutes, 30 minutes at a house. I get there, introduce myself to the client, take my 15, 20 photos and I’m out of there,” he says.

      HOVER helps Peninsula Siding Company win new business while remaining lean by ensuring their information flow is always timely and accurate.


      Discover how Peninsula uses HOVER for a 0% failure rate for measurements.

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