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      Sprague Roofing and Exteriors

      Fort Collins, CO


      The Calm After the Storm: Sprague Roofing and Exteriors Helps Property Owners Get Back to Normal After a Damaging Storm


      Like many construction companies, Sprague Roofing and Exteriors is contending with the trifecta of labor shortages, supply chain disruptions, and a shaky economy. In order to protect margins and win new business in this challenging and hyper-competitive environment, the full-scope exteriors contractor has put accuracy, efficiency, and service front and center.


      Letting the Customer Know They’re in Good Hands

      “The economy is tough, and a lot of people aren’t spending as much as they used to on their homes or businesses,” says Josh Sierra, General Manager of Sprague’s Fort Collins, Colorado office.

      “You need to do everything you can to combat that and win the jobs you need in order to stay alive as a business.”

      With offices in Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado, Sprague does a lot of business with customers managing storm damage. The end-to-end service they offer includes navigating insurance claims, which can be a huge relief for stressed-out property owners.

      We’re bringing them peace-of-mind knowing that they’re going to be able to rely on us to take care of the full scope of work. We’re there to help the homeowners bring their property back to pre-loss condition.
      Josh S.General Manager, Sprague Roofing and Exteriors, Denver, CO

      See first-hand how Pete builds relationships with his customers.


      The Right Tech Tools to Weather Any Storm

      Hail can damage any part of a building’s exterior, from siding to windows to paint. And storms are often unpredictable, sometimes significantly impacting one portion of a structure while leaving others untouched. Using HOVER, Sprague has had the flexibility to quickly and easily capture multiple scopes of work across different types of storm damage.

      “It allows us to pick and choose which facets of the house are actually impacted and allows us to estimate those a little bit easier," Sierra says. “So it saves me a ton of time and allows me to be a lot more efficient and effective as a manager.”

      Getting accurate measurements is essential when filing insurance claims, and any discrepancies can quickly eat into a contractor’s profits. Even the time it takes to resolve such a dispute can be a time-consuming burden.

      If we didn’t have Hover, we’d have to go out and spend more time at the job site hand-measuring, taking photos, and sending those in to prove our case.
      Josh S.General Manager, Sprague Roofing and Exteriors, Denver, CO

      We Are Living in a Material World

      Accuracy also takes center stage when it comes to materials ordering, which has become more difficult in recent years in the wake of widespread shortages.

      “Accuracy is extremely important to us. Not only does it allow us to minimize our cost, but it ensures we have the correct amount of materials onsite to complete the job in full,” Sierra says.

      “Anytime we’re short on materials, or we don’t have the right materials at the site, it means slowing down our production. A lot of times that creates an unhappy customer.”


      Try the suite of tools Sprague uses to earn the trust of customers.

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