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      Stillwater, MN


      Timberland Helps Customers Realize their Home’s Potential

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      Sometimes, it’s just love at first sight.

      When Paul Trautmann, owner of Stillwater, Minnesota-based Timberland Exteriors, was introduced to HOVER, its ability to drive design captured his attention. It didn’t take him long to get hooked.

      “We’re always looking at different technology to make our job easier, to show information easier, to make a happier customer. HOVER was a no-brainer. It was such an easy tool to use and instantly transformed the way we do business.” says Paul.

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      Getting Measurements Right, From the Start

      As an exterior remodeling company focused on windows, siding, roofing, and the building envelope, Timberland depends on accurate measurements. Getting those measurements done simply, quickly and safely, however, is crucial – both to meeting customer expectations and preserving the bottom line.

      By asking his customers to snap a few photos of their home, Paul’s team swaps hours spent traveling, sketching, measuring and revising with value-added design and estimation. With HOVER, they’ve got all the measurements they need, instantly available and dependable. (And when climbing a roof or scaling a wall becomes a challenge, HOVER is there.)

      Accurate measurements are essential to getting any estimate and takeoff right and imperative to finishing a project on time. Explains Paul, “Before HOVER, we’d either order short to save money, and then disappoint a homeowner because we’d have to wait 12 weeks to get more material to finish the project. Or we’d have to over-order.

      Having accurate measurements is so critical to making sure we have exactly the amount of materials we need to finish the project exactly when we say we're going to finish and not disappoint.
      — PAUL T.

      Adding New Business and Revenue

      Before HOVER, Timberland rarely took on new construction jobs. Measurements, takeoffs and change order recalculations took too long. Design tools were limited. Paul and his team were forced to walk away. 

      Today, new construction is a key revenue driver for their business. Timberland relies on HOVER’s 3D modeling and blueprint upload features, and seamless integration with other tech platforms, to become more efficient. Adds Paul, “We will now take on projects we hadn't taken in the past because we're confident we've got accurate measurements and we can do design work on it.”

      We’ll spend as much time as the homeowner wants, twisting the house around, redesigning it, adding products.
      — PAUL T.
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      Working Together to Design Dream Homes

      Homeowners often have a hard time visualizing what their final project will look like. When you can’t show the actual impact of decorative siding or stone, added dormers, or a premium roof color, it’s hard to sell a customer on its value.
      Using HOVER’s 3D tool, Timberland can design on the fly. Gone are the rough sketches, cellophane paper over colored construction paper, and paint chips. Customers can now see their home’s potential and explore ideas in 3D, in person or remotely if their schedules demand it. The result? Better products, better choices, and better decisions.

      At the end of the day, Paul appreciates knowing that when his customers come home, they fall in love with their house again. “I love making homes better, taking feedback and coming up with great ideas together. Seeing the homeowner’s response and making them happy about their house again, that’s the best feeling in the world.”  

      Try the tools Paul uses to help homeowners love their homes again.

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