Customer Story - Rapid Roofing

A consultative sales approach means better customer experience and higher close rates.

These organizations trust HOVER to estimate, visualize and streamline their projects.

Endeavor Exteriors
Endeavor Exteriors empowering homeowners to take charge of their exterior remodeling project with HOVER Connect.
Beldon further raising the bar when it comes to customer experience with HOVER.
Rapid Roofing
Establishing trust, setting themselves apart and increasing their close rates from 30% to 75%.
Benson Property
Saving time in the selling and production process, allowing them to restore damaged homes quicker.
Timberland Exteriors
Saving time and money with accurate measurements and selling more jobs by delivering quotes faster.
Chattanooga Exteriors
20 hours per week saved on measuring and establishing instant credibility, leading to a 15% increase in close rates.
Craftsman’s Choice
Removing human error and improving project communication to complete more jobs per year.
K&B Home Remodelers
Growing business by more than 35%. Retaining all customers and attracting new ones through referrals.
Vanguard Home Design
Offering an engaging customer experience and establishing trust to close deals quickly.
Greiman Construction Services
Doubling revenue within one year by shortening the sales cycle and running 4 additional leads a day.
Carolina Exteriors
Guaranteeing​ ​customer​ ​satisfaction​ ​on​ ​every​ ​job by visualizing the desired outcome and eliminating ambiguity.
Bachman’s Roofing, Building & Remodeling
Using the 3D model to create trust and credibility leading to more deals closed on the first visit.
Neighborhood Restoration Company
Returning more homes to their original condition by working more efficiently with HOVER Prospect.

Companies use HOVER to save time, establish credibility and grow their business.

Happy Customers
HOVER solved a credibility problem we didn’t know we had. Not only does it allow me to get estimates back to my customers sooner, but its professional presentation and accurate measurements sets our company apart.
Jamie Breneman , VP of Sales and Marketing, Chattanooga Exteriors

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