Accurate Exterior Measurements & Interactive 3D Model for Any Single or Multi-Family Residential Property

Accurately Plan and Estimate Every Exterior Measurement


Be confident in our measurements

HOVER’s measurements are accurate and reliable to quote any project. We provide you with all exterior measurements including roof, siding, windows, doors, brick, stone, trim and all other material types. Plus, specific line segments for corners, soffit, fascia and more.


Make decisions quickly and ensure everyone is aligned

Our design features take out the guesswork by showing your clients exactly what their home will look like. With a click of a button visualize the perfect home and show them how different materials and colors will look like with an interactive 3D model of their home.

HOVER solved a credibility problem we didn't know we had. Not only does it allow me to get estimates back to my customers sooner, but its professional presentation and accurate measurements sets our company apart.
Jamie Breneman
VP of Sales and Marketing, Chattanooga Exteriors
With HOVER's measurements, I can create a proposal in less than an hour. This process used to take almost three times longer when we used to hand measure.
Jim Hund
President, Vanguard Home Designs
The homeowner's happiness is key in everything we do, so we never want to rush their decision-making process. But since we started showing homeowners on the 3D model what their house will look like with different products and colours, the confidently make a decision on the spot. This allows us to start repairing the house at least one week earlier, impressing the homeowner by our speed.
Anne Benson
Owner & President, Benson Property


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