HOVER an App For General Contractors

HOVER is the first app for General Contractors that provides you with an accurate 3D model of any home using photos taken with your smartphone. HOVER enables general contractors to lower the time it takes to gather measurements, win more jobs, and improve communication with homeowners. Use HOVER’s General Contractor app to save time, lower costs and provide professional estimates for new construction or renovation projects.

Top 3 Benefits of HOVER for General Contractors

Save Time & Money

Measuring a roof by hand is time-consuming and expensive. Aerial or hand measurements are inefficient and lack accuracy. Rather than taking extra trips to the job site for remeasurements, you can get accurate & detailed measurements with HOVER’s contractor app. A few quick photos will provide you with a 3D model with every measurement you need to estimate a home exterior or roofing project. Plus, you’ll prevent many of the accidents that can occur from taking roof measurements, such as roofing falls or accidents caused by hazards.


Win More Business

Remodeling a home is a big investment for the homeowner and the thought of ending up with less than a satisfactory result is a source of anxiety for them. With HOVER, you can eliminate these concerns by providing homeowners with their own interactive 3D model for the exterior design process. Homeowners can visualize different materials and colors from major suppliers directly to an actual 3D model of their home, giving them the power to see the end result with your construction efforts. Homeowners love feeling like they are a valued partner in the redesign process and showing them this feature will leave them excited to do business with you.

Reduce Waste

With the accuracy of HOVER’s measurements, general contractors and construction managers can be sure that they won’t be ordering a surplus of materials for any job. Not only this results in money saved, but it will also eliminate trips back to the supplier to return material or products simply getting thrown away.


2 Hours
Average time saved when estimating a job and creating a material list.
1-2 Leads
Increase in the number of leads exterior contractors can run each day.
Average increase contractors are experiencing in close rates with HOVER.
Happy Customers
The homeowner’s happiness is key in everything we do, so we never want to rush their decision-making process. But since we started showing homeowners on the 3D model what their house will look like with different products and colors, they confidently make a decision on the spot. This allows us to start repairing the house at least one week earlier, impressing the homeowner by our speed.
Anne Benson , Owner & President, Benson Property | Learn more about our customers and partners.

Start Using HOVER

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