Watch these videos to get a quick overview of the HOVER platform

How to capture a property?

HOVER transforms smartphone photos into a fully measured, customizable 3D model. In this video, we explain how you can successfully capture images using the HOVER app so you can receive your interactive 3D model and all accurate measurements faster.

Interactive Measurements

HOVER delivers accurate exterior measurements on an interactive 3D model. In this video, we show you how you can access all exterior measurements for every facet of a property, so you can eliminate extra trips to the job site.

Interactive 3D Model & Design Features

HOVER design features take out the guesswork by showing you exactly what your next project will look like. In this video, we show you how you can design the perfect home, and show homeowners what different products and colors will look like on an interactive 3D model.

Online Platform

With HOVER’s online platform you can oversee all your properties’ photos, 3D model and measurements in one place. In this video, we provide a few tips on how you can adjust your settings and user-specific permissions to get the most out of HOVER.

HOVER Now - Roof squares within minutes

HOVER Now provides a roof square estimate within 30 minutes of submitting photos, so you can pull together a quote while still onsite.

HOVER Connect - Engage the homeowner early on in the sales process.

With HOVER Connect, you can HOVER a property remotely by allowing homeowners to capture photos of their house. That way, you can provide an estimate remotely or be fully prepared with your customizable 3D model and measurements prior to a meeting.

HOVER Prospect - Get the most out of your field team.

HOVER Prospect allows organizations to set up users who can capture and store an unlimited number of properties without immediately processing them. Company decision-makers can then review and approve the properties to receive the interactive 3D model and measurements.

Start Using HOVER

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