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We are HOVER. We partner with your insurance carrier to provide accurate measurements of your house to help move your claims process along. From the images you'll be sending us, we're able to use our technology to return accurate measurements to your insurance carrier. We also build a customized virtual 3D model of your house, which is yours to keep.

Here's some tips on taking good photos:

  1. We need a photo from each corner and each side of your house. For most homes, that means about 8 photos in total.
  2. Step back so the full property is included in the frame. Some sky on the top and some ground on the bottom and some space on the sides (even if there's other houses) is exactly what we need!
  3. Landscape photos are best.
  4. Stay safely on the ground as you take photos, there's no need to climb on anything.
  5. Or click here for a video tutorial.
HOVER how to upload photos to generate model


There’s two ways you can send us the photos we need of your house:

  1. Text us the photos - to do this, simply reply Yes or Y on the text we sent you.
  2. Download our app - click here to download our app for a guided process.

Need Help?

If you have any questions just reach out to our HOVER support team!

Our Email is:
Or call us at: +1.844.910.3660


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