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      More time with customers. Less time measuring.

      Exterior and interior property measurements anyone can get, fast.

      Never hand measure again

      Material-level detail
      aerial can’t detect

      Eliminates rework
      and revisits

      No special training
      or equipment

      Desktop - Complete Property Data

      Complete property data

      • Get siding detail down to the trim, openings, frieze and more.
      • Get roofing details for facets, valleys, rakes, eaves, flashing, soffit, and more.
      • Get interior dimensions for walls, doors, windows, and floors.
      • Get material quantities instantly with material lists.
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      Without breaking a sweat

      • Simply take smartphone photos of any property and HOVER does the rest.
      • Quickly upload a blueprint for new builds or major remodels.
      • Get a comprehensive PDF report you’re whole team can depend on.
      • Automatically calculate siding and roofing materials needed.
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      Powers takeoffs and more

      • Generate takeoffs with ease
      • Bring design ideas to life
      • Confidently generate estimates
      • Centralize data from inspections with photos and checklists.

      The most trusted names rely on HOVER


      Fits into your process

      • Use in the office or in the field.
      • View measurements on an interactive 3D model for clarity and perspective.
      • Integrates with software like Verisk, JobNimbus, JobProgress, CoreLogic, and more. Explore Integrations.
      • Export measurements to file types like PDF, XLS, XML, or 3D BIM.

      Square feet measured


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      ‡HOVER may request a reference measurement to validate specific properties.

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      HOVER makes home improvement simpler, faster and more collaborative for homeowners and pros.


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