Accurate Measurements of a House with HOVER

Measurements of a house are typically taken manually by a contractor with a tape measure at the beginning stages of a remodel or reconstruction project. It is important to measure a house accurately in order to plan a project, estimate costs and complete construction efficiently.

Measurements of a House - Done Right

HOVER provides contractors and homeowners with detailed exterior measurements of a house as well as an interactive 3D model. Taking measurements of a house can be time-consuming. Eliminate the hassle and save time and money with HOVER.

Cutting Edge Technology for Accuracy and Efficiency

Our patented technology automatically calculates square footage and lineal measurements for roof, siding, windows, trim and more. When the digital property is complete, you receive detailed exterior measurements along with an interactive 3D model to help homeowners design their projects. HOVER’s accurate measurements allow you to quote any job and completely eliminate the need to re-measure roofing and siding projects.

Eliminate the Hassle of Measuring a House

Forget the worry over tree obstructions or hidden overhangs. Avoid wasting time, money, and resources by visiting a jobsite over and over again. Do it right the first time. All it takes is a few photos uploaded to the HOVER app, and the rest is done for you.

How to Capture a Property

1. Install the HOVER app on your mobile device from the App Store or on Google Play.
2. Log into the app and tap the + sign.
3. Enter basic details about the property you’d like to capture
4. Choose the scope of measurements you’d like to receive - either Roof-Only or Complete.
5. Follow the steps in the workflow to capture each face and corner of the property.
6. Press ‘DONE’ and your photos will automatically upload to the cloud, where 3D reconstruction will begin.
7. You will receive an email and mobile notification when your 3D model and measurements are ready.


Easy Access to Measurements and Models

HOVER provides the typical measurements and drawings of each elevation that most contractors are used to in the standard 2D format. But HOVER goes far beyond that by also providing an accurate, interactive 3D model of the house. This allows contractors to see and interact with measurements in a 3D space. Soffit, fascia, and flashing are all easily viewed. This cuts down on your time spent pulling tape on the jobsite and calculating quotes in the office. With the HOVER home measurement app, you can provide professional estimates and ultimately close more sales.

Say goodbye to ballpark estimates and get 95% accurate measurements of a house in the palm of your hand with HOVER.