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Accurate House Measurements With Hover

Get accurate measurements of a house, or any property, simply by taking a few photos with your phone. HOVER's revolutionary technology generates a detailed measurements report and interactive 3D model that allows you to visualize your project and bring it to life.

measurements hero
measurements hero

Usually, getting a home project started involves tape measures and ladders, number crunching and product selection, hours or days to estimate quantities and costs. With the HOVER app, you get accurate, reliable measurements, a virtual, designable 3D model, and an estimation workflow from just a few home photos in a fraction of the time and effort.

Measurements done right

Manually measuring a house is time-consuming, a safety risk, and prone to human error. Save time and money (and stay safe) with HOVER's reliable exterior home measurements.

Measurement cutting edge

Smart technology for accuracy and efficiency

Our patented technology uses data from home photos to accurately calculate all measurements for roofing, siding, windows, trim, and more. You'll get a detailed measurements report for easy estimation and an interactive 3D home model for design collaboration, so you can see the project before you build.

Less hassle, better measurements

HOVER can handle tree obstructions and hidden overhangs. No more wasted time, money, or resources visiting a job site multiple times. Get it right the first time. Just snap some home photos in our app, and we'll do all the measuring for you.


How HOVER works

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