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      Takeoffs without tracing

      Win the bids you want with faster, easier measurements, material lists, and renderings for the project - all by just uploading the blueprint to Hover.

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      Your time is valuable.
      Don't spend it tracing a blueprint.

      “Hover has saved me countless hours measuring blueprints!”

      Win more, work less

      • Get siding and roofing measurements automatically, free of scaling or tracing.
      • Generate material lists, no calculator required.
      • Reduce manual data entry and integrate with your existing systems.
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      Instantly render project designs

      • We reconstruct the plans in 3D so you can show it off to customers
      • Inspire buyers with the materials and colors you sell on that home with easy-to-use design tools.
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      Winning bids, smoother jobs

      • Prepare more complete bids in less time, no matter the size of the project.
      • Reduce guesswork and misorders with detailed project data from the start.
      • Communicate the job clearly with 3D visuals of the project and bring design ideas to life.

      Your one-week free trial includes:

      Unlimited measurement reports on existing homes
      Five measurement reports on new construction
      One set of photorealistic exterior designs

      The most trusted names rely on Hover 


      Frequently Asked Questions

      What job types does Hover support?
      Hover supports siding and roofing trades with detail for fascia, soffit, gutters, window openings, and more. From simple blueprints to multi-family residential (MFR) complexes, Hover can deliver on large residential and main street commercial jobs.
      How do you charge for new construction jobs?
      Per job pricing for jobs from blueprints start as low as $55 before discounts. Every job includes measurements, material lists for construction takeoffs, and a 3D model for measurements and design. See the pricing page for more detail.
      How do I try it?
      Construction takeoffs come free with every Hover job. If you’re new to Hover, sign up for your free trial and upload a blueprint in your account to start a new job. Measurements are ready within 24 hours, and you’ll have access the a full suite of construction software tools.

      Your first job is free

      HOVER makes home improvement simpler, faster and more collaborative for homeowners and pros.


      We’ll text you a link to download our app. The 1-week free trial is only applicable to construction professionals who have not signed up for HOVER previously.