The No Call Close

Get the benefits of a two call close with one virtual meeting

Built to engage virtually

The tools you need to come prepared and build trust with new customers right from your desk.

Impress homeowners in virtual meetings
Get measurements
The homeowner takes a few photos and you get accurate measurements before your meeting
Design together
Choose colors and pick materials with the homeowner in an interactive 3D model

Quote and close
Everything you need to build the rapport, trust, and credibility to close on the first call

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the homeowner receive the measurements as well?
No, the homeowner receives the 3D model without any measurements. They do receive access to HOVER's design features so they can experiment with the look of the exterior of their property.
At what point will I be billed?
You will be billed when you receive the 3D model with all exterior measurements.
How will I know that the homeowner has submitted photos of their home and that the 3D model is ready?
In your Property Portfolio, you can see whether the homeowner registered with HOVER and submitted the photos. We’ll also send you an email when the homeowner uploads photos of their home and when the 3D model and measurements PDF are ready.

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