Accurate measurements.
Gross living area.
2x faster.

The only app with to-the-inch measurements from a few photos

Get data quickly and easily to make the most of your field time

Faster Assess twice as many properties by saving time on commercial or residential sites.
More Accurate Create defendable property valuations with measurements proven to be more accurate than aerial or measuring tape
Less Work Say goodbye to manual measurements - our output will provide you with a complete sketch perfect for tax assessment

The most comprehensive property data

HOVER transforms smartphone photos of any weathertight property into a complete property data set – including gross living area – to accurately and efficiently assess value.

What’s in it for you?


Auto-generated GLA Data

Receive the gross living area measurements without interior photos. Eight exterior photos are all that’s needed to inspect any property.

The Most Defendable, Accurate Property Valuations

With the most accurate measurements on the market, leverage HOVER’s property data to generate the fairest, most equitable property valuations possible.

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