Vinyl Siding Estimator from HOVER Mobile App

A vinyl siding estimator uses measurements of a house to calculate the exterior square footage. Those numbers provide a basis for estimating how much vinyl siding will be needed when a contractor provides a quote for materials and installation.

Using HOVER home measurement app for accurate vinyl siding estimates

HOVER provides contractors and homeowners with detailed exterior measurements of a house as well as a customizable 3D model. Taking measurements of a house by hand can be time-consuming. Save time and money with HOVER.

How to accurately estimate vinyl siding costs

In order to get a proper estimate for vinyl siding costs, you must measure the total square footage of the house. For a contractor, the cost per square foot is a main factor for calculating overall cost.

Vinyl siding costs

1 Cost of the siding material
2 Transporting siding to the residential home
3 Taxes, permits and fees for the materials and installation project
4 Labor for removing existing siding
5 Repair of damaged wood or walling under existing siding
6 Soffit and fascia installation around the trim
7 Alterations to HVAC, electrical or outside plumbing to accommodate siding installation
8 Actual installation of the siding, finishing and clean up



Complexity of the house structure also contributes to cost. A small single story home with complex angles and variance on the the exterior could cost as much as a simple large two story home. Windows, doors and other exterior accessories require more measuring, cutting, and labor. That leads to greater overall cost.

Why use HOVER?

HOVER provides accurate measurements and drawings in the typical 2D PDF format most contractors are used to. But HOVER also lets contractors see and interact with measurements in 3D. Easily view soffit, fascia and flashing to cut down on your time taking measurements on the jobsite and calculating quotes in the office. HOVER measurements are accurate enough to quote any vinyl siding job and completely eliminate the need to re-measure.

Work smarter not harder

With HOVER, order the right amount of material for every job. This will increase your profit margins. HOVER also allows you to share jobsite information with your crews so they fully understand the scope of the project. In turn, you can better schedule the number of people and materials needed to complete the job. HOVER takes the hassle out of estimating.

How does HOVER work?

Our patented technology calculates square footage and lineal measurements for roof, siding, windows, trim and more. Just snap a few photos of the exterior of the house with the HOVER app and they’ll automatically upload to the cloud. Once the digital property is complete, you receive detailed exterior measurements and an interactive 3D model to help homeowners design their projects. HOVER’s measurements are the basis for its accurate vinyl siding estimator and will allow you to quote any job. Additionally, HOVER completely eliminates the need to re-measure for vinyl siding projects.

Try out the HOVER mobile app as a vinyl siding estimator.