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Product Walkthrough – The Basics of HOVER

With the peak season fast approaching, let us refresh your memory on how HOVER works and how you can use it to turn 2018 into a great success.

How to Successfully HOVER Any Property

The better your photos are, the quicker you will receive your 3D model and measurements. Discover tips on how you can successfully capture any property with HOVER including obstructed houses and multi-family residential properties.

5 Ways to Grow Your Pipeline With HOVER

Construction business slows down during the winter season, but that doesn’t mean you have to go into hibernation. See how you can use HOVER during the winter season to grow your pipeline.

Exclusive Tips from HOVER Users

Receive the best tips from two contractors who were able to eliminate 7 days from the sales cycle, run 4 additional leads per day, and 2x their revenue by using HOVER.

The Key to Homeowner Engagement

Homeowner engagement is key to close deals quickly. Learn how you can engage the homeowner from the start of the sales process with HOVER Connect.

How To Stand Out From Your Competition with HOVER

A tape measure, rough quote and some colors samples will no longer cut it with today’s homeowner. See how you can use an interactive 3D model to outperform your competitors, increase your margins and sell more jobs.

Start Using HOVER

If you’re impressed with these features, you have a lot more to be excited about.