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      SF, NYC - Hybrid
      845 - Revenue Operations

      Revenue Operations Director

      <div class="content-intro"><p><span style="font-weight: 400;">Hover is a software platform offering measurement, visualization, estimation, and ordering solutions to the construction and insurance markets. Hover uses patented technology making it possible for anyone with a smartphone camera to create an interactive 3D model, complete with detailed measurements and powerful design features. The data produced is extremely valuable as it generates a single source of truth for the physical world allowing for more veracity throughout the home improvement and insurance processes. We’ve found an incredibly strong product-market fit across construction, insurance, and newly emerging, with Homeowners. What's the secret sauce? Cutting edge technology, an exceptional culture, and a commitment to our values (Think. Do. Serve.).&nbsp;</span></p> <p><span style="font-weight: 400;">With our team of investors, including Google Ventures, Menlo Ventures, The Home Depot, and leading Insurance carriers such as Travelers, State Farm, and Nationwide, Hover is committed to continuing our success and facilitating growth. We believe there is strength in diversity so we hire skilled and passionate people from a wide variety of backgrounds.</span></p> <p><strong>Please submit resume in PDF Format</strong></p> <p>&nbsp;</p></div><p><strong>Why Hover wants you:</strong></p> <p>Hover is looking for a Revenue Operations Director to join our team during a critical growth phase for the company and help scale our Go To Market efforts.&nbsp; Over the last few years, our Sales, Marketing, Channel, and Business Development orgs have grown to encompass various teams executing multiple sales motions to help multiple customer segments with multiple needs, and this level of complexity sets the stage for your role. This role is equal parts strategic and operational, with a focus on collaborative projects and problem-solving.</p> <p>We are looking for someone who has an acute sense of ownership. You will be someone who feels just as much at home around a whiteboard as you do around a spreadsheet, and you’ll be expected to help drive forward the discussion around the biggest GTM choices our teams will make each season. You will be in a position of high autonomy, with both cross-functional support and high visibility, and will need a high understanding of how every part of Hover’s RevOps and GTM machine work.&nbsp;</p> <p>You’ll be joining the Revenue Operations team, where our mission is to add leverage to the GTM teams by multiplying their impact.&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>You will contribute by:</strong></p> <ul> <li><strong>Executive Partnership: </strong>Collaborate with various leaders in departments, such as finance, marketing, and operations, to gather relevant data and insights for sales analysis. Work closely with the finance team to reconcile sales data and provide accurate financial reporting.</li> <li><strong>Project Management Basics: ownership mindset, help driving getting things done</strong></li> <li><strong>Analyze Data: </strong>Collect, analyze, and interpret data to identify trends, patterns, and opportunities. Generate regular reports and dashboards to provide insights on sales performance, revenue, conversion rates, and other key metrics.</li> <li><strong>Sales Performance Tracking: </strong>Develop and implement sales performance tracking mechanisms, including key performance indicators (KPIs), metrics, and dashboards. Monitor individual and team performance against targets, identify gaps, and provide recommendations for improvement.</li> <li><strong>Sales Forecasting: </strong>Assist in the creation of sales forecasts and targets. Analyze historical data, market trends, and other factors to support accurate sales forecasting. Work closely with the sales team to review and adjust forecasts based on changing business needs.</li> <li><strong>Sales process optimization: </strong>Identify areas for process improvement in the sales cycle. Collaborate with sales managers and representatives to streamline workflows, eliminate bottlenecks, and enhance overall efficiency. Make recommendations to optimize sales strategies and drive revenue growth.</li> </ul> <p><strong>Your background includes:&nbsp;</strong></p> <ul> <li>At least 7+ years of experience in RevOps, project management and/or analytics at a similar stage, pre-IPO company.&nbsp;</li> <li><strong>Strong experience leveraging cross-functional partnerships to enact change across the organization</strong></li> <ul> <li>You are willing and able to be the connective tissue in this area across Sales Finance, Sales Leadership, Channel Leadership, Systems, Data Engineering, Analytics</li> <li>You communicate what you are working on understanding who else needs to know about it</li> <li>You have strong cross-functional empathy across Sales and Accounting&nbsp;</li> </ul> <li><strong>Experience in sales analytics</strong></li> <ul> <li>You’re well-versed in Salesforce and able to understand Tableau because our sales data lives in multiple systems today</li> <li>You also can flex into excel to dig into capacity models and growth rates&nbsp;</li> </ul> <li><strong>Proven track record of operational excellence</strong></li> <ul> <li>You’re building within the boundaries of what is possible today while also understanding how we get to a more scalable tomorrow</li> <li>You’re taking an idea and understanding what data lives where and how we would track something with the people and systems we have today. There is an element of project management.</li> <li>There’s multiple ways we can do things and you’re willing to try and to get to new solutions</li> </ul> </ul> <p><strong>Benefits:&nbsp;</strong></p> <ul> <li>Compensation - Competitive salary and meaningful equity in a fast-growing company</li> <li>Healthcare - Comprehensive medical, dental, and vision coverage for you and dependents</li> <li>Paid Time Off - Unlimited and flexible vacation policy&nbsp;</li> <li>Paid Family Leave- We support work/life balance and offer generous paid parental and new child bonding leave&nbsp;</li> <li>Mandatory Self-Care Days - A day set aside each month to allow employees to recharge&nbsp;</li> <li>Remote Wellbeing Resources - We provide recurring fitness classes, meditation/ mindfulness tools, virtual therapy, and family planning assistance&nbsp;</li> <li>Learning - We encourage continued education and will help cover the cost of management training, conferences, workshops, or certifications</li> </ul> <p class="p1"><span class="s1"><em>Hover has Hubs in San Francisco and New York City, where we encourage employees to be in the office 1-2 times per week to build rapport and foster organic connection. &nbsp;At this time, Hover is not considering fully remote roles.</em></span></p> <p><em>The US base salary range for this full-time position is&nbsp;<span data-sheets-value="{&quot;1&quot;:2,&quot;2&quot;:&quot;$114,000-$168,000&quot;}" data-sheets-userformat="{&quot;2&quot;:637,&quot;3&quot;:{&quot;1&quot;:0},&quot;5&quot;:{&quot;1&quot;:[{&quot;1&quot;:2,&quot;2&quot;:0,&quot;5&quot;:{&quot;1&quot;:2,&quot;2&quot;:0}},{&quot;1&quot;:0,&quot;2&quot;:0,&quot;3&quot;:3},{&quot;1&quot;:1,&quot;2&quot;:0,&quot;4&quot;:1}]},&quot;6&quot;:{&quot;1&quot;:[{&quot;1&quot;:2,&quot;2&quot;:0,&quot;5&quot;:{&quot;1&quot;:2,&quot;2&quot;:0}},{&quot;1&quot;:0,&quot;2&quot;:0,&quot;3&quot;:3},{&quot;1&quot;:1,&quot;2&quot;:0,&quot;4&quot;:1}]},&quot;7&quot;:{&quot;1&quot;:[{&quot;1&quot;:2,&quot;2&quot;:0,&quot;5&quot;:{&quot;1&quot;:2,&quot;2&quot;:0}},{&quot;1&quot;:0,&quot;2&quot;:0,&quot;3&quot;:3},{&quot;1&quot;:1,&quot;2&quot;:0,&quot;4&quot;:1}]},&quot;8&quot;:{&quot;1&quot;:[{&quot;1&quot;:2,&quot;2&quot;:0,&quot;5&quot;:{&quot;1&quot;:2,&quot;2&quot;:0}},{&quot;1&quot;:0,&quot;2&quot;:0,&quot;3&quot;:3},{&quot;1&quot;:1,&quot;2&quot;:0,&quot;4&quot;:1}]},&quot;9&quot;:1,&quot;12&quot;:0}">$168,000-$198,000. </span>Our salary ranges are determined by role, level, and location. The range displayed on each job posting reflects the minimum and maximum target for new hire salaries for the position across all US locations. Within the range, individual pay is determined by work location and additional factors, including job-related skills, experience, and relevant education or training. Your recruiter can share more about the specific salary range for your preferred location during the hiring process.</em></p> <p><em>#LI-RH1&nbsp;</em></p>


      Competitive salary and meaningful equity in a fast-growing company
      Comprehensive medical, dental, and vision coverage for you and dependents
      Paid Time Off
      Unlimited PTO for exempt employees and PTO accrued at 3 weeks per year for non-exempt employees
      Paid Family Leave
      We support work/life balance and offer generous paid parental and new child bonding leave
      Mandatory Self-Care Days
      A day set aside each month to allow employees to recharge
      Remote Wellbeing Resources
      We provide recurring fitness classes, meditation/ mindfulness tools, virtual therapy, and family planning assistance
      We encourage continued education and will help cover the cost of management training, conferences, workshops, or certifications

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      SF, NYC - Hybrid
      845 - Revenue Operations

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