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      Improving home improvement.

      Home improvement shouldn’t be a mystery. Know what it will look like and what it will cost before the work even begins.

      How does HOVER work?

      HOVER generates the most accurate measurements (and a whole lot more) from a few photos of your home.


      Dream it. See it. Do it.

      Those photos don’t just turn out the most accurate measurements in the industry. They also create a 3D model of your actual home ready for you to style.


      Design in 3D on your actual (ok, virtual) home

      Super fun part: Use the design tools in our app to change colors, roof style, siding type, windows and more with real products on your home’s 3D model. Pretty cool, huh?

      Collaborate with your contractor on design decisions, material selections, and other project plans.


      More time with customers. Less time measuring.

      HOVER enables anyone to quickly generate precise interior and exterior property measurements, all from a single app on your phone.

      3D Models and Measurements returned in under 24 hours:

      Quicker job completions

      Your project gets done more quickly with HOVER’s fast measurements, estimating, and ordering.

      HOVER simplifies getting the job done, so you can get to your “better” fast and with less stress.


      Ready to see the possibilities?

      Get a free 3D model of your home today.

      Stay in the know.

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      HOVER uses the best 3D property data to help people improve their homes.

      Any other questions?

      We’re always just a phone call (or email, or chat) away.

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      HOVER makes home improvement simpler, faster and more collaborative for homeowners and pros.


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