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DevOps Engineer Paid Internship - Summer 2021

Please use PDF format for resumes.

HOVER uses patented technology making it possible for anyone with a smartphone camera to create an interactive 3D model, complete with detailed measurements and powerful design features. The data produced is extremely valuable as it generates a single source of truth for the physical world allowing for more veracity throughout the home improvement and insurance processes. We’ve found an incredibly strong product-market fit across exterior home improvement, insurance, and financial services. What's the secret sauce? Cutting edge technology, an exceptional culture, and a commitment to our values (Think. Do. Serve.). 

With our team of investors, including Google Ventures and Menlo Ventures, HOVER is committed to continuing our success and facilitating growth. We believe there is strength in diversity so we hire skilled and passionate people from a wide variety of backgrounds.

Why you want HOVER:

At HOVER we are dedicated to our employees and our community. Just look at our values of THINK, DO, and SERVE -  it’s ingrained in our culture to be intentional about diversity and to uplift those around us. 

  • THINK challenges us to participate in respectful debate and value the diversity of thought that can only be found in true diversity among our ranks. 
  • DO asks us to be biassed towards action and to always be interested in changing things for the better. 
  • SERVE is a constant reminder that if we are to succeed as a company we must be focused on uplifting one another up as rising tides lift all ships. 

It is with a dedication to these values that we continue to invest in our community through initiatives like this internship program designed to create opportunities for professionals early in their careers.

Why HOVER wants you

At HOVER, we get things done. We move. We go knowing that we can learn and adapt along the way. We make things happen in the face of uncertainty. As HOVER Engineering approaches 100 people in four countries, our ability to take action, learn and adapt increasingly hinges on our ability to deliver stable and scalable software with speed.  At HOVER, DevOps is a partner that enables every team to achieve high throughput software delivery. 

You will join our DevOps team – a half-dozen experienced and senior engineers who focus primarily on building automation pipelines, monitoring, performance tuning, operation activities, and implementation and development of security measures. All of this in partnership with teams of software development resources to quickly deploy software to a stable infrastructure.

During this internship, you will contribute by:

By month 1, you will have:

  • Paired with senior engineers on delivering features and value to internal users
  • Gotten acquainted with our development cycle and infrastructure changes
  • Had recurring 1:1s with your dedicated mentor and manager
  • Begun undertaking your main internship project that will likely be related to our command line tool and CI/CD process.

By month 2, you will have:

  • Built, tested, documented, and shipped several components in our systems

By the end of your internship, you will have:

  • Collaborated with other engineers on usage and best practices on the components you have built
  • Presented on all of your accomplishments and learnings from working in our design system
  • Developed the foundational technical skills and experience necessary to aid you in your budding software engineer career

Your background includes:  

This internship is perfect for engineers who can commit to a 2-3-month paid internship this summer, are based in the United States, and have:

  • Hands-on with tech/web development. Please include any personal projects in your resume.
  • Programming principles
  • Foundational understanding of web programming and APIs
  • Foundational understanding of cloud computing (AWS / Google Cloud)
  • Foundational understanding of virtualization and containerization