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      Material List

      Visual takeoffs, instant calculations

      Create order-ready Material Lists in just two clicks — even for complex siding and roofing projects. 


      Forget tracing or calculating

      Upload photos or blueprint
      Get your measurements in as fast as 1 hour.
      Choose materials
      Use templates from our library or add your own.
      Review your Material List
      Make any final edits and share via PDF or CSV.

      Expand your takeoff expertise

      • No need for setup or specialized training.
      • Access 120+ templates for manufacturers’ specifications and building code.
      • Pick one or more materials across multiple exterior trades.
      • Create Material Lists from your phone, tablet, or desktop.

      Ready to order in minutes, not hours

      • Eliminate tracing—tap and rotate to add materials precisely where they go.
      • Ditch spreadsheets with 1-click takeoff templates.
      • Speed up the review process with an interactive scope summary.
      • Convert any material list into your own template.

      Save on waste and extra orders

      • Eliminate guesswork and manual errors with automated calculations.
      • Set your own waste and installation preferences.
      • Keep a record of all your jobs and improve profitability.
      • Estimate consistently across your entire team.

      Trusted by your top brands and suppliers

      Are you a building product manufacturer? Send us a message to be featured in Hover’s Material List.

      All your exterior trades covered


      All the options you need—shingles, metal, tiles, or flat roof—and mix-and-match to your preference.


      Get any color or material type, single or multiple, like plank, metal, board & batten, and more.


      Generate automated calculations for materials and panel size, including those for your porch.


      Automated calculations for gutter and guards, along with manual items that serve as a checklist.


      Separate siding trim calculations so you can mix-and-match materials and customize sizes. 


      Just one simple click to calculate materials for your eaves and rakes.

      Hear what customers are saying

      Try Material Lists for free

      Automate your detailed siding and roofing Material Lists for all your Hover projects. 

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Does Hover Material List only work with Hover projects?
      Yes, it requires Hover measurements. If a project isn’t created yet, simply upload photos or a blueprint and after about an hour, you’ll be able to create a Material List. 
      Can I generate takeoffs for interiors?
      Not yet, this is coming soon with interior measurements. If you would like to gain access to our early preview, please fill in the form here.
      Can I submit orders directly through Hover?
      Yes. You can integrate with any of our supplier partners, access pricing, product catalogs, and submit orders digitally. Alternatively, you can order by sharing our PDF if we're not partnered with your supplier of choice.
      What is a material takeoff?
      The process of listing and quantifying all materials needed for a construction project based on project documentation such as plans, drawings, specifications and property photos. It is a vital output needed for cost estimates and material orders. 
      What is a Material List?
      A Material List is the main output of a material takeoff. It details all materials and components needed for a project, including quantities, specifications, and suppliers.

      Your first job is free

      HOVER makes home improvement simpler, faster and more collaborative for homeowners and pros.


      We’ll text you a link to download our app. The 1-week free trial is only applicable to construction professionals who have not signed up for HOVER previously.