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      Through the storm and beyond.

      Shaping the workflow for the modern restoration professional.

      Respond to storms faster and serve your customers more efficiently

      Engage smarter with carriers

      HOVER’s comprehensive and accurate measurements - from a few smartphone photos - help you communicate project scope more effectively with adjusters throughout the claims process.

      Handle more claims

      Enable your team to gather and submit information quickly and accurately using HOVER’s measurements report and .esx file. Do more with less to maintain profits margins when a storm hits - even when labor is limited.

      Build credibility

      Don’t just tell, show. Inspire trust and stand out from the competition by helping homeowners understand their claim packet and select products and colors via an interactive 3D model of their home.
      Case Study

      Benson Property

      We’re no longer upselling to homeowners. Instead, homeowners are upselling to themselves. On one job, the insurance company only approved the roof repairs. But after seeing the siding options on the 3D model, the homeowner immediately applied for a loan to repair the siding of their house as well. Upselling has never been easier.
      Anne BensonOwner and President, Benson Property

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      From estimates and proposals to supplier-direct material ordering, HOVER helps you optimize and grow.

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