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      How ABC Supply Helps Contractors Perfect Takeoffs with Hover

      How ABC Supply Helps Contractors Perfect Takeoffs with Hover - Featured Image

      In new construction, things rarely go as planned. Between complex material lists, inaccurate calculations that delay supplies, and every request being rushed, Outside Sales Representatives are under pressure to deliver more than just materials. But having the tools to build a timely and reliable takeoff gives your contractors confidence, and sets you up to be the first call they make when the blueprints come out.

      Just ask Isaac Joyner, an ABC Supply Outside Sales Representative for the past nine years in Pensacola, Florida. He learned the value of HOVER firsthand when a missing purchase order left him scrambling.

      Pull quote 01 Isaac Joyner

      As luck would have it, that same day another customer introduced Isaac to HOVER, sending him detailed roofing measurements and a 3D model. He decided to give HOVER a try. With help from Nick, his HOVER channel rep, Isaac simply uploaded a blueprint and ran takeoffs on all 19 buildings in the proposed project. “With HOVER’s more accurate material list, I think we saved them $35k off their original purchase order and got the entire order back. They’re doing multifamily projects all over the country and now know what’s possible on the next one.”


      Takeoffs for the Win

      To win new business in his branch territory, Isaac knows he needs to stand out. Add-on services like takeoffs have become more important than ever. And nothing makes a contractor happier than getting a material takeoff they can trust.

      With HOVER, Isaac can upload a blueprint and, within 24 hours or less, have detailed, ready-to-quote measurements without tracing or scaling, saving hours on roofing and siding jobs. In just two clicks, Isaac has HOVER create a detailed material list by piece count, without data entry, that he can directly quote. 

      “In the measurement report, you can see the different segments listed out, the square footage, but you can’t verify the building itself in 2D,” adds Isaac. “With the 3D model, you can actually rotate the building, compare and verify the segments listed on the report to the model itself.”


      More Time Building Relationships

      Isaac takes pride in having a diverse materials background and ensures ABC can deliver the materials his customers need most. He spent much of his early career knocking on doors, visiting job sites, and building relationships with people. Today, he keeps up with 20 or more customers a day. He’s dedicating the time and energy to be involved in their businesses.

      Adds Isaac, “I’ve put over 130,000 miles on my truck in 4 years. I love walking up on job sites, and seeing how people run the projects they manage – anything I can do to help makes me sticky with people. And that’s where HOVER comes in.”


      Empowering His Customers With a Better Tool

      Isaac has worked hard to build relationships with his customers. “If there’s something wrong, I want to have a conversation with them and work it through. I focus on building trust so they know I have their best interests at heart and want them to grow.”

      He’s excited to share HOVER’s capabilities with his customers. He credits HOVER with saving him time, growing his book of business, and allowing him to maintain a work-life balance. He’s anxious to show them how to use HOVER to their own advantage. 

      Pull quote 02 Isaac Joyner

      For example, one of his builders always used CAD files that didn’t sync with myABCSupply. The drawings weren’t scalable and kept him from generating a roof plan. Isaac introduced him to HOVER and, within an hour, he had the roof plan. Instead of just giving some siding business to Isaac, the builder is now using him for all his siding and roofing needs.


      Time is Money

      Like anyone working in construction today, Isaac knows time is money. He also knows mistakes slow down a project and builders can always take their business elsewhere. “I’ve got 20 customers. If I’m working for an hour to two hours to create a manual takeoff, I think about how many people I could otherwise be calling.”

      He’s now using HOVER to create dependable takeoffs his customers trust. He’s building a reputation as an indispensable resource and hopes to empower his customers to use HOVER themselves. “I want to get to the point where there’s enough interest in HOVER, so I can partner up my customers with ABC and HOVER. There’s definite value in that.” 

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