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An Easy Measurement Solution

Belfor Property Restoration is the North American leader in integrated disaster recovery and property restoration services, with nearly $2 billion in annual revenues. Geographically situated to immediately help in disasters with 100 U.S. and 340 international offices, Belfor’s proven record of responsiveness has made it the contractor of choice to assess and fix damage caused by fire, water, wind, or other catastrophes.


Belfor, the largest restoration company in the world, needs to accurately measure the structures of damaged properties to help people fix their homes after disasters. Ted Foster is the Director of Training for Belfor and he was looking for a measurement service that could be used by any Belfor employee to get accurate measurements. Before he met with HOVER, Belfor tried a variety of solutions that didn't entirely meet their needs. Here is what Belfor shared about the different drawbacks:

  • Insurance claims software: Complicated, and difficult to learn. Some systems can take an employee up to 40 hours to begin using it effectively
  • Aerial imagery provider: Easy to use, but expensive and less accurate. It’s not always feasible, especially for complicated properties
  • 3D camera capture service: Complex new equipment for an employee to learn. It can take more than eight jobs to become competent

What worked?

Then Belfor tried HOVER and the ease of use was astonishing. Using HOVER, any employee could get super accurate measurements without an extensive training program. And HOVER was easily integrated into Belfor’s existing estimation systems. HOVER is accurate, dependable, and so easy to use that any employee can start using it right away. Today, Belfor is standardizing on HOVER throughout its operations.

The learning curve is one of the smallest and fastest I’ve seen for any technology. With HOVER, you get the hang of it after just one job. -Ted Foster, Director of Training, Belfor Restoration

Belfor’s insurance clients have been very pleased with the HOVER reports. The professionalism of the reports coupled with the swift turnaround times make Belfor shine. And HOVER has helped mitigate the safety risk of having workers climb up to inspect damaged roofs. For Belfor, Foster says, “safety is our number one priority, before signing the contract, before collecting money, safety is number one. Our safety people are very happy when we use HOVER instead of going out on roofs.”

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