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      Case Study: Neighborhood Restoration Company (NRC)

      Case Study: Neighborhood Restoration Company (NRC) - Featured Image

      We recently connected with R.J. Young, Production Manager at Neighborhood Restoration Company (NRC), a residential and commercial exterior contractor which specializes in insurance claim assistance. A HOVER customer since March 2017, NRC has returned more homes to their original condition than ever before as they can work efficiently using HOVER and especially one of HOVER’s advanced features, HOVER Prospect.


      With all four seasons distinctly presented, Windy City Chicago is prone to many storms ranging from thunder-, hail- and snow- to hurricanes. Inevitably, many houses are damaged when these storms pass through the area. NRC’s claims and damages specialists offer guidance throughout the often stressful and lengthy process of dealing with insurance claims, ensuring homeowners receive what they are entitled to. Since adopting HOVER Prospect, NRC has been able to complete more jobs as it can resolve insurance claims and fix damaged homes quicker. HOVER Prospect has positively impacted the company’s public adjusting model in the following ways:

      • Improved workflow results in rapid estimates. NRC’s claims and damage specialists are trained to identify storm damage and negotiate with insurance companies to get claims resolved smoothly. Previously, NRC would build their estimates based on the measurements they would receive from the insurance adjuster. Thanks to HOVER Prospect, NRC specialists can capture photos of any home when they meet insurance adjusters at a damaged property — without worrying whether the damage will be approved or not. As soon as the insurance carrier approves a claim, they can order the 3D model and measurements for that particular property. This allows them to price out their estimates confidently based on HOVER’s measurements and provide an accurate quote to the homeowner quicker.

      • Saved time translates into quicker projects and customer satisfaction. NRC aims to fix a damaged property as rapidly as possible while guaranteeing minimal interruption for the homeowner. They can build precise material lists based on all the exterior measurements provided by HOVER and no longer lose any time or money on ordering too little or too much material. Crews in the field have everything they need to fix damages faster, allowing them to return a house to its original, and often better, state in less time.

      We use HOVER and the HOVER Prospect feature for all our adjusting jobs. It’s great that our claims and damages specialists can capture as many properties as they need and I can order the 3D model and measurements for those houses that have been approved by the insurance adjuster. HOVER allows us to work more efficiently, fix houses faster and complete more jobs than ever before.

      R.J. Young

      Production Manager, Neighborhood Restoration Specialists

      About Neighborhood Restoration Company (NRC)

      NRC is a residential and commercial exterior contractor based in Chicago and Peoria, IL. Their claims and damage specialists are trained to identify storm damage and negotiate the best deal with insurance companies, ensuring their customers receive what they are entitled to. NRC proudly provides their clients exceptional craftsmanship with industry-leading products.

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