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      How DaBella Uses Design Pro to Win Bigger Deals

      How DaBella Uses Design Pro to Win Bigger Deals - Featured Image

      “The thing I love the most about Design Pro is being able to show the homeowner exactly what I’m going to be able to do,” says Joshua Brown, a team lead for DaBella’s siding team.


      DaBella is a leader in home improvement services across the western United States, specializing in everything from roofing and siding to windows and baths. They use HOVER Design Pro to build homes exactly the way their customers want. With a precise 3D model of each home, DaBella can engage homeowners with design options, upsell premium features, and instill confidence in customers to help them close larger deals.

      Helping homeowners see possibilities

      When Joshua goes out to meet homeowners, he comes prepared to show them his design ideas on the model of their home. “With Design Pro, I’m able to add in all these beneficial features that will really add to the home and make it pop.” He adds features like belly bands, shakes, and stone—and then he lets the customer decide what they like.

      “They would never be able to visualize this without having a professional designer, but now I can do it at their kitchen table,” Joshua says. For him, it’s easy to adjust designs on the fly, and he can change the look of an entire home in just a few clicks. Design Pro makes it easy to add a stone facade, incorporate accent features, experiment with siding, and more.

      And it’s a significant improvement on how DaBella used to sell. “Before, we used a lot of pictures of homes that we’ve done in the past,” Joshua says. “It really wasn’t that beneficial, because they never got the idea of their home and what it was going to look like with the color they were picking.”

      Upselling premium features

      One of the biggest benefits of Design Pro is that it allows homeowners to dream. They can try out different ideas in a way that’s fun, simple, and risk-free. That opens up possibilities they may not have considered before, including premium features and designs.

      “A lot of homeowners get really timid when it comes to adding something that is different,” explains Joshua. “What’s really fun about this program is that we’re able to take a home and change it in a whole bunch of different ways.”

      “I show them the house they wanted, and then I show them what I can do to their home to make it look really beautiful,” he says.

      Joshua often uses Design Pro to show customers how shakes would look on their home. Homeowners in his area typically don’t have shakes in their gables, and, he says, “Adding in that accent siding changes the look of the home and adds that curb appeal that’s currently not there.”

      “It does end up selling more and the homeowner is happy because their home is more beautiful,” Joshua says.

      Closing bigger deals

      Seeing how much better their home could look inspires DaBella’s customers to say “yes” to bigger deals—which of course has an impact on DaBella’s bottom line.

      Design Pro is a win-win for both homeowners and contractors, as Joshua explains:

      “We had a $78,000 deal that we were able to close purely because the homeowner was able to visualize exactly what we were doing,” he says.

      None of his competitors were able to relay what they were going to do to the homeowner’s property. But because Joshua did just that, the homeowner decided to go with DaBella that same night.

      “Now that I’m able to show a homeowner exactly what it’s going to look like—the color, the cuts, everything—the homeowner visualizes it and then says ‘yes!.’ And that puts extra money in your pocket.”

      Design Pro: Build any home exactly the way your customers want

      With precise, interactive 3D models and powerful design features, Design Pro helps homeowners visualize what products will look like on their actual house. Join companies like DaBella and see how Design Pro can help you close larger deals faster—start your free trial today!

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