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      Design Pro — Build Any Home Exactly the Way Your Customers Want

      Design Pro — Build Any Home Exactly the Way Your Customers Want - Featured Image

      A home improvement or repair project is often burdensome and stressful for homeowners, and the headaches start long before a qualified contractor even picks up a hammer. Selecting a contractor who is competent and truthful—and then deciding how the home should look once the job is complete—is easier said than done.

      That’s why HOVER created Design Pro, an interactive 3D experience that lets homeowners design the house of their dreams. Homeowners no longer have to make crucial home improvement decisions based on just a few small product samples. Today they can use Design Pro to visualize what’s possible with a precise 3D model of their actual home—and be confident that the result will look exactly like what they had in mind.

      Design Pro means that contractors can finally say goodbye to complicated and costly design software. They can now create exterior home designs in seconds, involving the homeowner throughout the entire process. It takes just a few clicks to add a stone facade, incorporate special accents like shakes in a gable, replace stucco with siding, and much more!

      See how Joshua Brown, team lead for the Siding Division at DaBella, uses Design Pro to win bigger deals faster:

      Empower Homeowners to Make Decisions with Confidence

      Making big decisions is never easy, especially when they affect one of the homeowner’s most expensive assets—their house. Not only does the final design have to reflect their personal tastes, but the overall style of their home and that of the surrounding neighborhood. To complicate things, the product samples and color fan decks contractors typically supply leave a lot up to the imagination.

      Design Pro takes a lot of that anxiety and uncertainty away, and even gets homeowners excited about planning their home improvement project! It’s a highly visual, immersive, and easy-to-use solution that lets contractors and homeowners collaborate on designs on the spot, often while the contractor is still on site making the sale.

      “The more color and product samples contractors showed me, the less I knew what I wanted. How could I make such an expensive decision without actually seeing the options on my house? HOVER’s Design Pro was magic. I customized my house exactly how I wanted it and showed my contractors what I expected from the project.” — George Epp, homeowner in Niwot, Colorado

      Sell Additional Work and Premium Products

      Advanced design can have a powerful impact on a home’s curb appeal and eventual resale value. Adding options like stone to the bottom of a wall or shakes on the gables may be a wise investment, but it’s hard for the homeowner to understand the benefits if they can’t visualize them.

      Design Pro changes that by showing homeowners exactly how different enhancements can make their home stand out and be more attractive to future buyers. At the same time, it helps contractors make a case for premium materials and additional services. Homeowners who can see the difference between their home’s current condition—and what it could become—are more likely to invest the extra money to make it happen.

      “With Design Pro, we can add more detail to the home and this goes a long way. We recently sold $55,000 in addition to our first estimate simply by showing what some stone and shakes could look like on the home.” — Jeremy Broadstreet, National Sales Trainer at Beldon

      Remove any Hesitation Around the Remodeling Project

      Considering that the average roof installation costs $6,626 and the average exterior (re-)painting costs $2,575, it’s no surprise that homeowners want to be sure they hire the best contractors for the job.

      Design Pro helps contractors stand out as true professionals who provide first-class customer service, and it gives them a valuable edge over competitors still trying to make a $30,000 sale with nothing more than a handful of product samples and a quote.

      This is especially valuable when selling to millennial home buyers, a generation that’s comfortable using technology to make large purchasing decisions and minimize risks. These homeowners are accustomed to reading online reviews or scrolling through product photos from other customers, and would see a 3D home visualization as an integral part of their decision to hire one contractor over another.

      Whether a contractor uses Design Pro to create a project based on the homeowner’s wishes or gives them the freedom to play around with it themselves, the Design Pro experience is a powerful sales motivator. Homeowners love seeing their home transformed right before their eyes—and knowing what they’re buying before work even begins!

      “With Design Pro, we can give our customers a very realistic view of the desired outcome. It leaves no detail up to the imagination, allowing us to solidify contracts faster than ever.” — Jordan Kurszewski, President at Oakwood Exteriors

      Design Pro is free to every HOVER user, so give it a try today and let us know what you think!

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