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      HOVER Expands Its Services to Provide 3D Models and Measurements for Multi-Family Residential Properties

      HOVER Expands Its Services to Provide 3D Models and Measurements for Multi-Family Residential Properties - Featured Image

      HOVER has been providing customizable 3D models and accurate exterior measurements for single-family residential properties since 2015. As word of our service spread within the construction community, the demand for 3D models and measurements for multi-family residential properties grew.

      Today, we’re happy to announce that you can now HOVER multi-family residential properties. Once you take and submit the photos of the property with the HOVER app, our patented technology goes to work to create a fully measured, customizable 3D model of that property, typically within 24 hours.


      When HOVER set out to build this capability, we found that bids for multi-family residential properties are amongst the most competitive in the industry. It’s common to see multiple construction companies make nearly identical bids for a given project, boiling down the process of awarding a multi-million dollar contract to the minor details. As we rolled out support for multi-family residential properties to test users, we saw firsthand how a customizable 3D model can help a contractor stand out from the competition and much more:

      Ensure Operational Efficiency

      Many measurements are needed to pull together an accurate estimate for a multi-family residential property. If done by hand, the measuring time and risk for mistakes increases tremendously. By capturing a multi-family residential property with HOVER, you can eliminate the time you previously spent on measuring and avoid costly errors caused by mismeasurements. Within 24 hours (typically less than half that) after submitting the photos in the app, HOVER provides you with all the detailed exterior measurements you need, broken down by individual materials. Your team can then use these measurements as the single source of truth when creating a quote or ordering materials.

      Stand Out From Competitors

      Winning a large multi-family residential project can be a game-changer for your company. To increase your chances of closing the deal, it’s crucial that you set yourself apart from your competition while presenting your business to the property management, homeowners association (HOA) and/or board of tenants. You can impress your prospects from the start by offering an interactive 3D model of the property in addition to your proposal. By leveraging this customizable 3D model, you can instill confidence in your professionalism and ensure that your company leaves a lasting impression on the key decision makers.

      Engage The Client in The Sales Process

      The decision makers can also use the design features of the 3D model to discover what new products and colors will look like on the property. Instead of imagining what the property could look like, they can easily visualize the desired end result on the 3D model within seconds. This will facilitate the decision-making process and allow you to kick off the project quicker.

      Multi-family residential property support is offered with HOVER’s Professional and Premium plans. Sign up here to get access to a 30 day trial of HOVER Professional plus up to $125 in ‘HOVER Cash’ to use towards your first properties, and see for yourself how it works.

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