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      How Amstill Roofing leverages HOVER to scale their business

      How Amstill Roofing leverages HOVER to scale their business - Featured Image

      Since 2016, the family-owned business, Amstill Roofing, has grown from a father-son duo to a team of thirty-three as of today. Their second generation owner and CEO, Sam Stilley, has expanded the company in part by working closely with his HOVER rep to introduce the right technology to his business’s processes, allowing the company to be on track to do $16.5MM in business this year.

      Amstill started conversations with HOVER feeling cautious of new software after being burned when rolling out different workflow and measurements technologies. The last company they worked with failed to understand the needs of a business their size and did not support them in the roll out to their team. HOVER was able to show them the value of new technology because there were designated people with the necessary knowledge and skills ready to help.

      The ability to pick up the phone and have a true partnership with HOVER has been instrumental. On top of customer service, we talk about ideas and how we can become better

      Sam Stilley

      Second Generation Owner and CEO, Amstill Roofing

      HOVER does not just follow the status quo when it comes to supporting our customers. Every interaction is seen as an opportunity to dive into businesses’ problems and find solutions for those we work with. Pilots, team trainings, and around the clock phone support are table stakes for HOVER -- the relationships we build are why our customers succeed.

      We understand that change can be hard, which is why our team worked diligently to listen to Sam to find solutions that best support his unique team. For instance, Sam and his HOVER sales rep both view themselves as trusted partners; their shared knowledge of the business and opportunities for transformation helps them elevate the company in ways competitors without HOVER simply can’t do.

      Even when a solution doesn't exist yet, HOVER will find a way to build it and achieve the desired results. Sam fondly recalls when HOVER took the time to understand his recommendation to populate contracts with color options and even build it into the product. It was a game changer for him and his team so they could document material color decisions and it was then that he truly realized HOVER was, and continues to be, committed to their success and making their jobs easier.

      If you’re looking for this sort of partnership, give us a call. It’s our job to make your job easier

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