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      Pacesetter Claims Service Incorporates HOVER Technology to Expedite Claims Process

      Pacesetter Claims Service Incorporates HOVER Technology to Expedite Claims Process - Featured Image

      HOVER’s 3D technology allows adjusters to efficiently process more claims after a disaster so policyholders can get paid faster

      SAN FRANCISCO, CA – June 25, 2019 – Pacesetter Claims Service, a leading provider of catastrophic and daily property claims adjusting services, today announced a partnership with HOVER, the world class technology that transforms smartphone photos of any property into an accurate 3D model. Through the partnership, Pacesetter Claims Service will integrate HOVER into their own platform to communicate with their field team for scheduling and deploying efficiently to job sites. Powered by computer vision and deep learning, HOVER’s 3D technology quickly and accurately procures measurements of any property, allowing claims to be resolved more accurately and efficiently. This creates a positive customer experience for policyholders and cuts back excess costs for insurance carriers.

      According to a recent study, homeowners in areas recently hit by natural disasters experienced a decline in customer satisfaction due to the time it takes to resolve their weather-related claim. Pacesetter employs a large network of adjusters that can be quickly mobilized in a catastrophe to help close this gap. By deploying HOVER, the company can empower its adjusters with the technology they need to further expedite the claims process. They can now help policyholders to get paid out much faster after a catastrophe.

      “We owe our business success to understanding and satisfying our clients one claim at a time. With HOVER’s technology, we can further improve our level of quality and customer service by resolving more claims and with greater efficiency,” said Bill Brassfield, CEO at Pacesetter Claims Service.

      HOVER’s 3D technology transforms smartphone photos of any house into an accurate model with exterior measurements of every aspect of the property, including the roof, siding, and all openings. Since the technology is so accessible and easy to use, homeowners can capture photos with HOVER themselves to start the claims process. The resulting property data package is then automatically shared with the adjuster. The 3D rendering from HOVER eliminates human error and allows adjusters to quickly estimate the loss.

      “We are pleased to welcome Pacesetter as an enterprise partner of HOVER,” said Kevin Reilley, Executive Vice President at HOVER. “With their dedicated response team, they have always prioritized resolving claims quickly. We look forward to working together to help homeowners rebuild even faster after a catastrophe.”

      About Pacesetter Claims Service

      Pacesetter Claims Service has been a leading provider of catastrophic and daily property claims adjusting services since 1997. The success of their business has been developed by understanding and satisfying their clients one claim at a time. Pacesetter values long-term partnerships with adjusters, insurance carriers and other industry networks. Top insurance companies around the nation depend on Pacesetter’s expert team of managers and adjusters to handle their needs. For more information, visit www.pacesetterclaims.com.

      About HOVER

      HOVER transforms smartphone photos of any property into an accurate, interactive 3D model, giving homeowners the power to unlock the true potential of their largest economic asset. Thousands of exterior contractors are using HOVER to save time and money on every project, establish instant credibility and close more business. HOVER’s insurance industry customers use the up-to-date measurements to reduce claim adjusting costs, decrease cycle times, and improve the overall customer experience. HOVER is backed by Google Ventures, Standard Industries and The Home Depot, and has raised more than $60 million in funding to date.

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