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Russell Roofing & Exteriors Use HOVER’s 3D Model to Grow their Business

When we bumped into Joe Dolan, Controller at Russell Roofing & Exteriors, at the International Roofing Expo in New Orleans, he invited us to speak with Dan Simpson. Dan joined Russell Roofing & Exteriors, a commercial and residential contractor in the Delaware Valley Area,  over 6 years ago. In the past 6 years, Dan has risen through the ranks and he’s now managing the company’s growing sales team. When he was introduced to HOVER three years ago, he quickly understood that the platform had the potential to elevate the company’s sales activities.

Today, every salesperson at Russell Roofing & Exteriors is equipped with HOVER to ensure efficiency when selling. “I can confidently say that everyone in our sales team loves HOVER. The product is top-notch and it has made selling easier by eliminating the need to manually measure properties.”

Building strong relationships with homeowners on the first visit

Since the start of the company 25+ years ago, Russell Roofing & Exteriors has been going to great lengths to ensure that their salespeople are the best in the Greater Philadelphia area. They invest significant time and money in training their team on the latest best practices in materials, methods, and safety to ensure outstanding customer experience and highest quality workmanship.

“The philosophy of our President and Owner, Russell Kaller, is to be the company that works with the best folks utilizing the best tools and technologies. Adopting a modern technology that would simplify our sales process was a no-brainer for us. HOVER has rapidly become one of the most valuable platforms we’ve worked with, allowing our sales team to dedicate most of their time to the homeowner when selling.”

Previously, the sales representatives would measure the entire house manually during the first onsite meeting. After measuring, they would allocate the remaining time to having one on one conversations with the homeowner. “With HOVER, our salespeople no longer have to pull their tape measure. Instead, they allocate that extra time to talk through the project with the homeowner and answer any questions. It also gives us the time to gather all the information we need to meet or – even better – exceed the homeowner’s expectations. Considering that most of our customers are either return or referral customers, these relationships are crucial for our future growth.”

Establishing trust by visualizing the desired project outcome

Before Dan discovered HOVER, Russell Roofing & Exteriors turned to other technologies to help visualize the project for the homeowners. Unfortunately, these tools were often hard-to-use, time-consuming and didn’t provide an accurate representation of the products and colors the homeowner had in mind.

“In comparison to alternative design products in the market, HOVER’s design features are intuitive and easy to use, no masking needed. The accuracy of the interactive 3D model is unlike anything I had ever seen. As soon as we show the homeowner the 3D model of their own house, they trust that we’re experts who will go the extra mile to guide them towards the optimal end result.”

Turning small repairs into complete remodeling projects

It should not come as a surprise that Dan encourages his sales team to use HOVER on a daily basis and on every residential property. Three years ago, Dan was visiting a potential customer who wanted to replace her skylights. When he noticed that their roof could also benefit from an overhaul, he decided to give HOVER a try. “When I showed her the 3D model, she immediately wanted to see what different shingles could look like on her house. Within the hour, she wanted me to pull together a quote for a complete roof remodel. With the help of HOVER’s 3D model, this small skylight replacement turned into a $75,000 make-over.”

Dan is happy that HOVER supports the success of his sales team and is thus determined to stimulate adoption of the platform as the team continues to grow.

Russell Roofing & Exteriors

Russell Roofing & Exteriors is a premier commercial and home exterior contractor that services all aspects of homeowners’ exterior needs from roofing, windows and doors to siding, gutters and masonry. The company, which operates in the Greater Philadelphia area, can rely on more than 25 years of remodeling experience. Throughout this time, Russell Roofing & Exteriors has been operating according to their motto “If it’s Russell, it’s right. Guaranteed!” by offering professional installation of the highest quality materials.

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