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      5 Contractor Tips to Grow Your Sales Pipeline During Slow Season

      5 Contractor Tips to Grow Your Sales Pipeline During Slow Season - Featured Image

      Construction business slows down during the winter season, but that doesn’t mean you have to go into hibernation. In this blog post, we’ll share how you can use HOVER during these cold months to grow your pipeline for this year.

      HOVER is a platform that transforms ground-level photos of any property into a fully measured 3D model. You’ll receive a measurements PDF including all accurate measurements for the exterior of the home as well as a customizable 3D model that allows you to visualize the look of the customer’s home before and after the job.

      Here are five tips to grow your sales pipeline with HOVER:

      1. Connect with Your Existing Clients

      It’s more expensive to acquire new customers than to get repeat business from existing customers. Therefore, it pays off to identify prospective new jobs within your existing client base during the slow winter season. For example, if a homeowner asked you to install new siding over the summer, perhaps now they’re looking for someone to install a new roof. Since you already have an established reputation with the people that have used your services in the past, the sale will be easier and quicker.

      In HOVER, you have a database of all the properties that you’ve previously worked on. This Property Portfolio has a wealth of information that you can now put to use again. You have all the accurate measurements readily available to put together a precise quote for any additional work that you’re suggesting to the homeowner. You can also share the 3D model of their home before the project starts so they can visualize different products and color options.


      2. Continue to Run and Gather Leads

      Take advantage of the comparatively slower winter season to continue running leads. It’s not uncommon for contractors who still hand-measure properties to avoid measuring a house during bad weather. Because HOVER requires only ground-level photos, you can continue to capture properties regardless of whether it is freezing, raining or snowing.

      Even if you can’t start a project immediately due to the weather conditions, you can still receive all the measurements from HOVER and offer a precise quote to the homeowner. In doing so, you drastically increase your chances at closing that deal and adding it to your 2018 pipeline.

      Alternatively, you can use HOVER Prospect to capture and store an unlimited number of properties without immediately processing them. You can wait to process properties until you need the home’s measurements and its 3D rendering. Many HOVER users who operate in an area with frequent storms use this feature. It lets them immediately process the properties, and receive the measurements and 3D model after a storm passes by. Consequently, they can close the deal ahead of their competitors.


      3. Get Ahead of Your Competitors and Win More Multi-Family Residential Bids

      HOVER also delivers 3D models and measurements for multi-family residential structures. As multi-family residential property owners and managers build their budget for next year’s capital improvement projects ahead of spring, now is the time to focus on these larger bids.


      By using HOVER, you can set yourself apart from your competitors and drastically increase your chances of winning these substantial bids. You’re going to save time by not having to hand-measure these larger properties. Most importantly, you’ll be able to wow Homeowner Associations with a detailed breakdown of the property’s measurements and a 3D rendering of the complex structure with the new materials.

      4. Use Technology to Hire an Excellent Sales Team

      The success of your company highly depends on the quality of your workforce, so it’s crucial that you hire the right people now. To recruit the highest quality salespeople, you should inform the potential candidates that one of the most challenging tasks within construction sales – measuring properties – is taken care of by the HOVER technology. That way, they know that they can focus on what they are good at: building relationships and selling.

      Make sure to show the HOVER platform to these candidates as it will demonstrate that you are a professional company that uses the newest technologies. This will be one technology in your hiring kit that many other companies in your area don’t use yet.

      5. Visit Trade Shows and Conferences

      Throughout the winter, try to attend multiple trade shows and conferences to learn about the newest trends, network with other professionals, showcase your work, and meet new prospective customers.

      It’s equally important to carve out time to prepare for upcoming spring home shows. Take a look at your property portfolio, and select the 3D models that you’re most proud of. That way you can demonstrate to the homeowner the caliber of work they can expect.


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      The slow winter time is the ideal moment to work on team training and to troubleshoot new business practices. Don’t hesitate to contact the HOVER team to set up an onsite or online training before the season ramps up.

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