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      Construction Document Management: What It Is and Why You Should Digitize It

      Construction Document Management: What It Is and Why You Should Digitize It - Featured Image

      Construction document management is the process that a construction or project manager uses to organize and store contracts, blueprints, permits, and other necessary documents for operations. This paperwork has traditionally been stored in filing cabinets. But as the construction business modernizes, managers use construction software to digitize data.

      Digitizing your documents is a significant construction project management strategy that leads to successful builds. It makes it easy to store and share data quickly with those who need it in the field via electronic forms, dashboards, plans, drawings, specs, and more. To keep up with a growing industry and to stay organized, we recommend digitizing your document management.

      Steps to Digitize Your Construction Document Management

      Without a central hub for all your documents, everyone spends extra time searching for what they need. When you digitize your documents and data, everything will be accessible from one centralized location: the document management software. Here are some tips on how you can begin the digitizing process:

      1. Find the Best Software or Platform

      To find the best platform or software that fits your construction business, you first need to understand your business’s needs and challenges. What processes are working? Which ones are not? Where do most delays occur? Finding answers to these questions makes it easier to sort out which construction document management software is best for you.

      Another thing to keep in mind is the three pillars of digital construction: collaboration, forecasting, and material workflows. When researching different software or platforms, find ones that let you work with your greater team for a more collaborative and streamlined workflow. In addition, digital construction technology that lets you forecast and stores that information is a must. And finally, being able to digitize your material workflows gets rid of bottlenecks and keeps you on timeline.

      HOVER is a great solution for digital construction document management. The software offers direct ordering, production management, remote measurements, and automated estimates to make jobs more cost-effective and efficient. Plus, it integrates with your favorite tools, so you can share data and track jobs across a variety of platforms.

      2. Upload Your Existing Documents

      Once you’ve found your perfect document management software, it’s time to digitize. If you have your documents on a computer, you can easily drag and drop them into the software’s document tool for easy upload. However, if your documents are in a filing cabinet, you can use your printer to scan them as PDFs onto your computer and upload them from there.

      What’s great is most digital document storage platforms have unlimited storage. So no sweat if you have decades of paperwork; the software can handle it.

      3. Determine the Organizational Framework That Works for Your Business

      You’ve talked with key stakeholders to find out what they need. You’ve done your research as to which software or platform is best for your business. And you’ve finally uploaded all your documents. Congrats! It’s now time to train your employees on how to access this digitized trove of information.

      The majority of the platforms or software out there have training materials or how-to videos. So be sure to use those in your employees’ onboarding. When you use HOVER for your digital document management, you’ll have a large database filled with resources and videos on how to use our software.

      HOVER Streamlines Your Construction Company’s Processes

      Digitizing your construction documents is a game changer for growing construction businesses. It streamlines your processes and maintains efficiency so your projects will always be on track. HOVER can do all of that and more. Chat with a rep today to see how we can help you manage your paperwork and improve your business.

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